If Money Could Talk, This Is What It Would Say to You...

Aug 22, 2017

Today's SPARK brings your relationship with Money center-stage, as a major player in your purposeful work.

As an entrepreneur, Money is your partner in living your purpose and making a positive difference for others. As clear as that fact is, it is all too common to want to keep Money under the table, in the closet, and out of the spotlight.

Working with heart-centered, spiritually-connected people, I often hear them express that their business "isn't about Money." When I dig just a bit deeper, I uncover some version of negativity around Money and an underlying belief that:

"Money is bad."
"Money is hard."
"Money is a problem."

Inevitably, Money becomes a major player in the transformational journey of entrepreneurship. It is essential to bring your relationship with Money center-stage, tend to all that needs healing, and come to see Money as a loving collaborative partner in your mission-driven work.

This is why I guide participants in my Love Liberate Launch Coaching Program to transform their relationship with Money as we build the business they are born to lead. If you are ready to positively collaborate with Money as you do your purposeful work, connect with me here as we're inviting new members in right now.

Today I want to introduce you to a powerhouse woman, Courtney Smith of Blue Spiral Consulting, and bring her Money Story into the spotlight. She is an inspiring client and successful purpose-driven entrepreneur who has recently transformed her relationship with Money.

Read Courtney's compelling story below and let it open your heart and mind to what is possible in your own relationship with Money. Then take some time to journal in response to today's 3 Potent Money Love Questions.

I invite Courtney Smith into the spotlight to inspire your own Money transformation.

Courtney's Money Transformation Story

In the past 3 months, with Jessica's support, I have transformed my relationship with Money. Jessica started our coaching intensive by asking, "What would you like your relationship with Money to be like?" Right away I knew - like Music.

I've been playing the violin since I was five, and 42 years later, I can pick up an instrument and my fingers know just what to do. It flows without thinking, and when I'm jamming with someone, the best of me bubbles up and out into the world. "Like that," I said. "I want Money to be a joyful thing - something that delights me and makes me laugh and is filled with ease; not something I dread, that feels like a chore, or that I pay as little attention to as possible."

Now don't get me wrong - I'm good at attracting Money. I've always been good at fundraising, I find opportunities to earn it, and marketing comes easily to me. But, for most of my life, I've kept Money at a distance. And when Jessica facilitated my first conversation with Money, I discovered that Money felt completely neglected and even abandoned in its relationship with me.

And so, with Jessica's coaching and inspiring weekly assignments, I set about shifting my relationship with Money. I picked up my violin and played songs to Money, I journaled with Money, and I had long heart-to-heart talks with Money during my hikes in the woods.

Through this process, I became aware of formative experiences that had negatively impacted my relationship with Money. I quickly learned both the reasons for my distance with Money over the years and the impact of putting Money on the back burner. Jessica supported me in healing those old wounded places that were sabotaging my financial health.

After this transformative work, I am having Fun taking care of Money, using QuickBooks online to excitedly check my financial dashboards daily. My bookkeeping sessions alternate between money-managing and violin-playing, letting Music and Money play together harmoniously at work. Now I care for Money with as much love and attention as I care for my violin and I'm seeing Money as another expression of my creativity.

Supported by my positive relationship with Money, I have increased my financial health and wealth. In the last three months, my business partner and I have acquired contracts worth six figures.

If you'd asked me six months ago about what role finances played in my weekly engagements, I'd have told you, "very little." Now, Money and I are great friends and like all good relationships, we talk all the time. Now I can honestly say, "Money is a joyful thing - it delights me and makes me laugh and is filled with ease. I love Money now . . . just like I love Music!"

Courtney Smith is the President of Blue Spiral Consulting, working closely with leaders in the social service sector to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of protecting youth and strengthening families. Courtney sees herself as a catalyst for change-- offering training, curriculum design, consultation, coaching, strategic planning and implementation support. She and her best bud, Money, welcome the opportunity to inspire you or your organization. 

After reading about how Courtney transformed her relationship with Money, I hope it has tickled your curiosity about what is possible for you. Let's tap into that possibility with...

3 Potent Money Love Questions

1. What do you desire your relationship with Money to be like?

2. If Money could talk, what would it say about your relationship?

3. What could change in your business and life if you befriended and even loved Money?

If you are ready to transform your relationship with Money to propel you forward in your purposeful work, I'd love to connect with you. So, let's enjoy an hour together, shining a light on what is possible for you as a soulful entrepreneur who knows how to lovingly collaborate with Money. Simply sign up f or a free Visioning Session with me . I would love to envision the business that sets you free and discover how I could best support you in pioneering your next chapter.

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