If You Block It, It Will Not Exist

Feb 21, 2017

Today's SPARK asks you to give the world your unique expression.

This Martha Graham quote has been one of my favorites for years. Every time I read it, it wakes me up all over again. Today I'll let it work its magic on you.

When you think back on this day...

Reflect on everything that came into the world through you today--through your actions, your words, your creativity, your state of being.

Relish in one shining moment where you really let your uniqueness be expressed.

Name one stifling moment where you blocked your unique expression.

Now, expansively imagine what you could offer if you consistently gave yourself permission to be YOU, expressing your unique presence, talents, creativity, and energy, throughout each day of your precious life.

And lastly, sadly, imagine blocking all of that unique presence, talent, love, creativity and energy from the world, erasing all the positive ripple effects that you could have created.

Ahhhhhhh, with this wake up call working its magic, may you stop blocking what is meant to come into the world through you.

May we all be courageous enough to let our unique expression be our greatest contribution.

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