Invite Naturalness to Be Your Gold Standard

Apr 13, 2016

Today, I offer several snapshots of recent peak experiences. Each snapshot leads to a question for you--may it Spark your next peak experience...

The Ease of Leadership

I started the year leading The SHINE Expansive. Forty-five courageous individuals experienced the SPARK Process of Liberating Your True Self in this 30 Day Virtual Program. As it was my 2nd time leading the journey, I had the opportunity to experience EASE while leading.

In the midst of Ease, a Fear arose that said: What if this feeling of Ease means that I'm not giving enough?

It was a gift to work through that new flavor of 'not good enough'. In the end I throughly enjoyed the Ease of my Naturalness--offering my gifts simply by being myself.

I'm curious: How can you invite ease and naturalness to be your Gold Standard rather than cranking into overdrive to feel like you gave something your best?

Claiming my Superpowers

I turned 40 on March 1st and really made the most of it.

Beyond the celebrating with friends and family, I stepped into my forties with intention and power. I created a 'This is 40' PhotoShoot Experience that really tapped me into my Super Powers. I felt unapologetically me on a whole new level. In the process a brand new BadAss(!) energy arose in me that I'm ready to embrace. So my black boots and superhero cape have become my favorite accessories!

I'm curious: What Inner SuperPowers are you ready to 'Own,' Unapologetically?!

Dream Come True

In March, I was a Guest Leader for Annie Price's Birds Eye Adventure Retreat in Folly Beach. This experience was my dream come true as I led a passionate group of Creative Entrepreneurs to move beyond their fears, connect with their truest self, and take expansive next steps in birthing their creative projects into the world. AND, I had bare feet in the sand and the ocean waves crashing behind me as I led. Yesssss!!!

On top of that, I love collaborating with inspiring people--and co-leading with Annie Price is a match made in heaven.

I'm curious: What would be your 'Dream Come True' way of offering your gifts?

Spotlight Liberation

The last snapshot I'll leave you with is of my recent "Free Yourself & Your Gifts" presentation. This truly felt like a synthesis of my life experience, training, purpose, and passion. It felt like Me showing up bravely to do what I was born to do. It was the first public speaking event I've done in over 3 years--since my son was born. And it was the very first presentation I have done without a script or even any notes to reference. I improvised, spoke from my heart, let my Essence lead the way. And in the end, it was my best presentation yet. Now that I know how liberating public speaking can be, I am ready for More Stages and More Audiences! Let me know if you have ideas of large audiences looking for an inspiring, authentic, improvisational speaker! 'Cause that's Me.

I'm curious: What kind of stage (metaphoric or literal) is calling you? How would you show up there if you gave yourself full permission to be freely yourself?

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