Leading in the Unknown ~ guided meditation to surrender control, fear, insecurity & relax into true power to lead.

Apr 02, 2020

Now it's true that we're always in the unknown. But often we humans keep blinders on and distract ourselves however possible from this fact. This is because we don't want to feel the fear, anxiety, insecurity, panic, worry, and overwhelm that can arise in the human experience when we see just how unknown everything in life really is.

In the midst of the global Coronavirus Pandemic, the unknown is so in our face that we cannot deny it. Right? Uncertainty is blatant. Every day is changing. Old daily routines have fallen away. Things that we thought were stable in our life--like work, health, finances, our ability to see friends, or even grocery shopping-- are no longer the same. We don't know if our loved ones will be okay, if we will be healthy, if our business will still be viable, or if our community will be able to support everyone within it.

Amidst this level of change and uncertainty, how do we lead? This is an important question to answer as our leadership is being called upon more than ever, within our family, business, and community.

"Leading in the Unknown" - Guided Meditation

This Guided Meditation, "Leading in the Unknown," is here to support you to lead in this time of change & uncertainty. It offers loving guidance for the human part of you that doesn't know anything but, driven by human insecurity, tries to know everything.

It supports the human part of you to surrender all fear-driven ego attempts to control so that a higher power can lead the way during this time. It helps your mind to relax into stillness so that you can become available to the higher consciousness accessible through your heart.

It opens your spacious heart to be a conduit for Love and Inner Guidance. As your human part relaxes its rigid ways of trying to know and control, this infinite power is able to flow through your heart and into the world. This purest energy is what will fuel you, your physical health, your spiritual alignment, your inspired mind, and your highest service as a leader in the unknown.

By the end of this guided experience, you will have R~E~L~A~X~E~D into what it is to be a truly powerful leader in the unknown. May this serve you well as you continue leading through uncharted territory.

Sending Big Love with this SPARK.

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