Let Your Future Self Inspire Your Present Decision

May 10, 2017

Today's SPARK is here to invite your Future Self to inspire your present decision about your next chapter of soul-satisfying work.

One of my favorite things is helping you clarify your gifts and shape them into your most valuable offerings for those you're meant to serve. This is how you make the unique contribution that you were born to make.

Right now I am immersed in this powerful process with participants in my Love Liberate Launch Program. Whether I'm helping someone create a one-on-one Private Program that brings together the best of what they offer or shape a unique Group Course to teach across the country, it thrills me when my clients step into the work they're meant to do. I feel so joyful whenever someone moves out of their own way, and dares to let their gifts make a positive difference in the world.

Today, inspired by one the many ways I help people tap into their gifts and offerings, I invite you to call in your Future Self.

Encounter Your Future Self

Step 1. In this very moment, I'd like for you to connect with Your Future Self. You know, the one who is 2 years or 5 years or 10 years down the road from where you stand now. The one who has made it through the challenges you now face. The one who has done the inner work to connect with who you really are and how you can make a meaningful difference with your gifts. The one who has connected with your deeper purpose and is now living it full-out. The one who is joyfully and powerfully offering her gifts to those who are meant to receive them. The one who is fueled by passion as she does her soul-satisfying work in the world.

Step 2. Close your eyes and imagine your Future Self now. Watch, hear, and feel her liberated experience of sharing her gifts with others. Maybe it is like watching a movie that she is starring in. Or perhaps you hear her talking to you, describing what she is doing. Or maybe you sense her presence and soak in all the feelings of liberation, joy, ease and satisfaction.

As you witness your Future Self, notice ...

  • How is she offering her gifts?
  • Who is making the most of her gifts and what positive difference is she making in their lives?
  • What brings her the greatest Joy in her work life, that deeply satisfies her soul?

Step 3. After you enjoy watching her for a while, take a few minutes to write or draw about the experience.

What did you gain from your visit with your Future Self that you can integrate into your next chapter of soul-satisfying work?

If you are ready to let your Future Self inspire your present decisions about your soul-satisfying work, I would love to support you in this powerful time.

I offer you a free Visioning Session to explore how to navigate your current challenges and envision your next soul-satisfying chapter. Let's discover the support you need to step into the purposeful work that you were born to do.

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