Let Your Gifts Make Their Greatest Difference

Jul 21, 2014

You are so talented. You have come into this life with gifts to offer the world. You can feel the potential of the positive impact you are here to make. You feel the call to step up and be all that you are.

Your time has definitely come.

You are uniquely you. Your creativity lets you express who you truly are when you let it flow. Your spirit wants to experience all it can in this lifetime. Your soul calls you to dive deep into life and make the most of your time here.

You are at home in the world of arts & creativity, wellness & spirituality, healing & transformation. You are inspired in this community and you know you are meant to be a leader in this realm. Your gifts are welcomed and needed here.

Yet it feels like there are many things in your way.  Many things stopping you from making the impact you know you can make, from fully realizing the possibilities of your highest vision. Sometimes you point your finger at someone or something else. More often though you blame yourself and consider giving up on the dreams all together. When you’re going it alone, it can feel impossible to create the vision, make all the decisions, maintain the energy, and sustain the inspiration each day. It’s easy to count all the reasons why this is Not your time to step up.

But deep inside, you know, none of that is true.

When you look honestly inside yourself, your heart is still calling you forward, and there’s some inner work you’re ready to do. 

And please know, you do not have to be alone on this path. The SPARK Community is full of Creative Spirits–leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, dreamers–just like you. And together, we are inspiring and supporting each other to let our gifts make their greatest difference.

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