Life-Changing, Happiness-Unleashing Kind of Summer

Jun 07, 2017

Today's Spark invites you to 'choose your own adventure' this Summer.

What intention do you want to infuse into these summery days? What chapter of your life and work is rising on the horizon of this sunny season?

I'd love to know the intention you're setting for this season of your life and work. Fill in the blank: "This is my Summer of ______________!"

I especially want to hear from you if you want a Summer of ... (as one Love Liberate Launch participant says) "feeling giddy every day as you create a business that is satisfying to the depth of your soul" ... a Summer that is "life-changing, happiness unleashing kind of phenomenal."

Check out these kind words that Adrian (Love Liberate Launch participant) was inspired to share on Facebook. The doors are open THIS WEEK to welcome in a couple new rising entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their summer into an exciting transformational journey of creating the business they were born to lead.

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