Love Being Human...Inspired by Spotlight Liberation

Feb 14, 2018

Today's SPARK offers you a taste of yesterday's Spotlight Liberation event...and invites you to love being human, on and off stage.

There was so much LOVE at Spotlight Liberation that it feels perfect to share about it on Valentine's Day! Let's start at the very beginning...

After asking the audience to share how they were feeling upon arrival at Spotlight Liberation, this is what their responses inspired. Imagine how you might feel stretching beyond fear to be authentic and free in the spotlight. See if your honest feelings made their way into this improvisation.

 Spotlight Liberation Opening improv from Jessica Chilton

The event unfolded from one present moment to the next. We used improv (and sunglasses!) to express our fears and resistance to being seen in the spotlight. We explored the stage as a group, each doing what we needed to claim it as a safe supportive space. We stood behind facades and then let them dissolve to reveal our authentic expression. We wielded swords of truth. We transformed our way of relating to the audience. We connected with our Liberated Self and let her inspire our solo moments in the spotlight. We tuned into our hearts and grew our love for ourselves and each other. And so much more! I felt overwhelmed with gratitude by the end. It was a spirited celebration of Humanity.

Enjoy these photos captured by the amazing Erica Mueller.


Each participant shared their experience with me at the end of the event. Here are some of their words. This is the reason why Spotlight Liberation will be offered again--in whatever way it is meant to evolve...

"I now know I can put myself out there, share and be vulnerable, even when it's scary. And it didn't kill me! Now getting up and sharing my knowledge with a group of people seems doable...and potentially fun!"

"I felt supported, seen, held, loved, accepted, challenged."

"Spotlight Liberation allowed me to share from my own true heart."

"I now know I can stand up and speak my truth and share my heart, even though doing so quickly reveals my imperfection, mess, and vulnerabilities."

"I gained an incredible sense of confidence about new parts of myself that are emerging."

"It was so liberating to experience the courage and confidence to speak boldly as my authentic self."

"We tapped into our authenticity, explored our edges of growth, dove deep into vulnerability, and harvested our potential to evolve into who we're meant to be."

"Spotlight Liberation helps you bust out of your self-imposed shell."

"I gained deep confidence in my Inner Knowing and the experience of expressing it authentically in a supportive space."

After experiencing so much love and courage at Spotlight Liberation, I hope that this small taste nourished you as well. May we all courageously love ourselves and each other, on and off stage, on this day and always.

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P.P.S. Next week I'll be sending you love and inspiration from Switzerland through a breath of fresh alpine air. Plan on feeling it in the air rather than seeing it in your inbox:) I'll be back in action with Today's Spark the following week.


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