Making Your Inspired Vision a Reality

May 04, 2016

Today's SPARK comes in the 'HOW' ... of how one of my dreams is coming true today. Let's spark your own HOW and move toward making your inspired vision a reality.

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Today I am heading out to be a Presenter (and whole-hearted participant) at a Retreat led by Singer Songwriter, David Wilcox.

Now this is definitely Dreamy, and a bit surreal, because my love for David and his music has been growing for 20 years-- back when his songs played the soundtrack for my college life.

I never could have imagined back then that today I'd be offering my leadership into the mix of his creations. Yet if someone had told me that this day would come, I would have been wildly excited and completely baffled by HOW that dream would come true.

As I reflect on the many moments that led to me being a presenter at David's Retreat, the common thread is this...In each pivotal moment, I let my heart lead me into inspired action instead of staying stopped in front of fear.

I remember how scared I felt in one of these pivotal moments, when I initially received the inspired vision to ask David Wilcox to be a Featured Guest of The SHINE Expansive. My heart was leading me to collaborate with people who inspire me, yet Fear was rising up to say, "You are going to ask the one and only DAVID WILCOX to collaborate with little You? Who do you think you are?!" I could have easily stopped in front of fear and given up before even trying to make that inspired vision real. Instead, I tuned into my Heart, and listened as my Inner Guidance immediately told me to pick up the phone and call David NOW. It was either follow my heart or stop in front of fear, SOOOO I called David Wilcox. With shakey voice, I talked from my heart about my vision for The SHINE Expansive...and he generously said Yes to being a Featured Guest.

Later, as I collaborated with him in the recording studio to create songs and videos for The SHINE Expansive (another pivotal moment of following my heart into action instead of staying stopped in front of fearful what-ifs of embarrassing scenarios that could happen in-person with THE David Wilcox), he said that he could imagine me presenting at his Wilcox Weekend Retreat.

The seed for this day was planted by many many pivotal moments--all that involved the element of Fear. The HOW for this dream coming true was saying Yes to my Heart in those moments, by taking the inspired action that would move me beyond Fear...
even when it felt incredibly challenging,
even when it was a a definite stretch beyond my comfort zone,
and even when it was a complete Leap of faith!

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