Molly's Love Liberate Launch Story

Mar 14, 2018

Before I began Love Liberate Launch, I was working for somebody else and unsure if I could do all of the little things that running my own business would require. I wasn't totally clear on what my exact gifts, deeper purpose, or specific offerings could be if I did start my own business. And I had a confusing and awkward relationship with money. 

One year later, after Love Liberate Launch, I am leading my own business, Nurtured Mamas, with purpose, confidence, clarity, excitement, and abundance. I am making money doing what I love and I’m even having fun! I am so grateful to be offering support, inspiration, guidance and nourishment to new mamas who want to start motherhood with intention, peace, and joy. 

When I think about the journey of this past year, I realize that I truly have learned to love, liberate, and launch. I have grown to fully love myself—from my wisest inner guidance to all the parts of me that were getting in my way before! I have liberated my true desires to make money while changing the culture of motherhood in a meaningful way, and freed myself from the fear and shame that were holding these desires back. Ultimately, I launched my own business that celebrates who I am and what I uniquely bring to the Mamas I serve.

Creating a new business and knowing where to start can feel completely overwhelming, but Love Liberate Launch guided me and broke it down into bite-size pieces. I learned to take the best of what I uniquely have to offer and create packages and services for new mothers. 

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The program kept me moving forward with the concrete business building steps, while supporting me in the inner work I needed to become the leader of Nurtured Mamas. Because of this program, I now ENJOY running my own business (I even hired an Assistant!), I have healed into a loving relationship with money, and I value every part of my life for the way it prepared me to uniquely serve my ideal clients.

It was amazing to have our group forum to ask my questions, move through challenges, and share my progress. Jessica is so present, able to play and goof around, AND be serious and loving.  She can be vulnerable, ask hard questions, and give just the right amount of direction. She has a beautiful way of moving us out of confusion and into clarity. 

Jessica’s coaching helped me take each big leap in creating and launching my new business. Especially in times of resistance, Jessica’s coaching helped me find my way to the other side and back into true alignment with my wisest self. Most importantly, I am so grateful that Jessica inspired me to dream bigger. 

Molly Rouse, Nurtured Mamas.

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