‘Money Matters’ to Create Your Most Satisfying Life

Apr 13, 2012

SPARK women have been sharing their challenges around money—specifically those of you who have dreams of making a great living doing what you love.

You want to create satisfying success while offering your gifts to the world (without sacrificing your health) but you keep running into blocks along the way. In response to the blocks you are experiencing around money, I offer you this audio recording of my guest appearance on “Money Matters” Radio Show hosted by Executive Director of OnTrack Financial Education and Counseling, Celeste Collins.

The interview starts at the 2 minute mark and runs for 26 minutes. I had tons of fun with Celeste on the show—because she is wonderful AND it’s a thrill talking into a microphone and knowing in that very moment my message is being heard by all who care to listen. Most importantly, for your sake, I shared a lot of valuable content that I believe you’ll enjoy hearing.

In this radio interview, you will discover:

1. The vital key to create satisfying financial success as a woman who is offering your gifts to the world. (I share my personal turning-point as an entrepreneur that made it possible for me to create a viable business doing what I love.)

2. The Good News for those who are feeling disconnected from your purpose and passion, deficient in self-care, dissatisfied with your professional life, constricted in insecurities, or exhausted from not valuing your own time, energy, and expertise…Yes, there really is good news!

3. Exactly how Creative Wellness helps you move into an empowered relationship with money

4. How you can end up making significantly more money after a 90-minute session at SPARK  (You’re going to love hearing this play-by-play of a Creative Wellness Session with one of the awesome clients in my “Thriving Professional Women” Program)!

5. A morning mantra to help you open up to expansive abundance … starting now.

6. How the SPARK System can help you move beyond limiting money beliefs – while also improving your relationships and ability to offer your gifts in the world.

 7. A 10-minute practice that can move you in the direction of more financial abundance as you intentionally use your time, energy, and expertise to create your most satisfying life.

 8. How you too can live from the belief, “I am born to shine and so are you.”

Click play to listen to Jessica Chilton’s Interview on “Money Matters” Radio Show:

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