Mothers on a Mission, Rising Mamapreneurs, and Moms Ready to Satisfy Their Soul...Open Up!

Oct 24, 2018
Today's Spark is specifically for women who want to fully enjoy mothering, feel liberated to express their truest self, experience the soul-satisfaction of living their purpose, and make the difference they were born to make in the world. 

Is that too much to ask? No Way! This is how I live and I wouldn't want it any other way. Are there challenges along the way? Of course there are. That's why receiving support is essential. And today I get to offer loving support to you and other mothers who are ready to pivot in the direction their hearts are calling them to grow. 
But first, Hello from beautiful Aspen, Colorado! I'm here attending the 'Lead with Love Summit', which is a heart-centered social impact conference for conscious entrepreneurs and leaders committed to shifting culture from fear to love. Did I have to leave my 5-year old son in order to experience this? Yes, I did. But he's in such good hands, and knows that I'll return feeling happy and ready to play! When my soul is nourished, I can show up in full presence & joy for my son.

Because I am leading "The Shift from Fear to Love," a transformative community event  on March 31st 2019 in Asheville, NC (save the date!) and because I am so passionate about supporting soulful entrepreneurs to create a love-fueled business, I knew I was meant to be at this Leadership Summit. And so here I am!
I started my day walking along this river while listening to my latest podcast interview that was just released. Often, because I'm improvising rather than following a script in an interview, I'm not sure what I said until it goes live and I have a chance to listen. After taking it in as a listener, I can confidently say that if you are a rising mamapreneur or a woman currently navigating the terrain of motherhood and purposeful work beyond the home, this one is full of value for you. 

This interview with Liz Carlisle of Motherhood Unstressed is a podcast and a coaching session in one. I guide you to work through your current challenge around enjoying it all--motherhood, liberation, purposeful work outside the home, soul satisfaction, and positive impact. So get out your journal and be ready to experience the shift you need to move beyond the current challenge you face.
Definitely listen to this interview if you feel ... 

~ guilt about taking time away from mothering to offer your unique gifts in the broader community. 

~ some version of "not ______ enough" to really create the business you were born to lead.

~ your inner critic, inner perfectionist, inner child, inner controller, inner victim, or any other part is stopping you from being the mother, entrepreneur, or leader you want to be. 

~ stressed out in this moment and want to melt the stress away. 
~ desire to tune into your truest inner voice that knows your deepest purpose and can guide you on your most aligned path.
~ ready to tap into your true power, say yes to your greater calling, and make the contribution in our world that only you can make. 

When I centered in before the interview, I heard, "share love with mothers around the world--to let each mama soak in the Love that I am, you are, and we are." My hope is that you feel this Love as you listen. 
You can listen here or on iTunes.
For those that want the full scoop before jumping in... 

In the first 10 minutes, I talk about the importance of closing an unsatisfying chapter in order to begin a deeply satisfying new chapter of life and work. This can feel like a death and rebirth--a letting go to make space for new creation. I share how I chose to let my former misaligned business die as I became a mother. And I share how the birth of my son awakened my true power to create the business I was born to lead.  
At 11:40 - I discuss my two programs and how they serve women at different crossroads on the journey of mothering, living your purpose, liberating your true self, launching your unique business, and making your unique contribution in and out of the home.   
At 15:00 - I talk about the resistance mothers face to saying yes to their greater calling, pursuing their purposeful work, and launching their dream business--due to guilt, fear, and not good enough feelings.  And we look at how to get out of our own way and stop sabotaging our progress.  
At 25:10, we dive into a guided coaching experience with your top current challenge. I take listeners through my SPARK process - so you can work through your challenge as you connect deeply with your inner guidance. This is like a mini-coaching session that you can use over and over again, so don't miss it! 
And at 43:00 - I talk about my deep surrender to God in my business, and how that has shifted me out of ego-driven ways and into higher powered aligned work and life. I also share the latest vision I have received--to lead an inspired initiative, The Shift from Fear to Love.  
The interview ends with Liz's rapid fire questions (at 46:00) which bring forth unexpected tears and spontaneous inspired messages for you. 
If you're ready to create the new chapter that let's you experience all of your desires as your reality-- enjoying motherhood, feeling liberated to express your truest self, experiencing the soul-satisfaction of living your purpose, and making the difference you were born to make in the world-- I offer you a complimentary Visioning Session

It's possible that this is your moment to let an old chapter close so you can step into a new soul-satisfying one. And perhaps this will involve a liberating death of something in your life or work in order to birth anew--a letting go to make space in which to create the life and work your heart desires. 

I am currently accepting new private clients for a year of powerful transformation, liberation, creation, and leadership together. If you would love to receive personalized support to creative a positively PIVOTAL new year, let's talk!  During this complimentary Visioning Session, we'll discuss your challenges, desires, and visions for the coming year as well as what my coaching support can offer you. 
Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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