Moved to Tears & Opening up to You

Aug 30, 2017

Today's SPARK illuminates the inner work you need to tend to... in order to step into the outer work you were born to do. 

I am briefly touching down into Sparkland between the last two hoorahs of beachy summertime. In the past 24 hours, I have been moved to tears multiple times by the transformation I witness in my inspiring clients.

Over and over, I experience potent growth moments happen in real time. The satisfaction of supporting a turning-point experience in my client's life is deepened by the positive ripple effect it has in their purposeful work. When a client's personal growth makes a positive difference for others, my soul sings.

Here's a peek into the moments that moved me most in the last 24 hours...

~ One client integrated her Inner Child back into her wholeness, uncovering newfound strengths she has to offer the children she serves through her business.

~ One client healed the shame around a hidden piece of her personal story, and realized that telling this story publicly is a powerful part of her purposeful work.

~ One client came out of hiding about her intuitive natural gifts and claimed them as the focus of her next chapter of soul-satisfying work.

~ One client gave loving attention to her inner-Victim as she moved through some intense life events and regained forward momentum on her entrepreneurial journey.

~ One client transformed her fear of stepping into her greater calling by realizing that success does not have to mean leaving her family behind.

Now it's your turn to make a move...

* What inner work do you need to tend to right now in order to expand your outer work in the world?

* What healing transformation are you ready to experience in order to step fully into your purposeful work and say yes to your greater calling?

* What personal growth is needed to lead your soul-satisfying business into its fullest expression?


I'll be back from the beach on Monday and ready for more deep diving, insight spelunking, and horizon visioning with people ready to grow.

If you are ready for your next chapter of soul-satisfying work, called to launch the business you are born to lead, and up for the inner transformation that is needed along the way, I offer you a free Visioning Session. I'd love to tap into powerful Clarity about your next chapter and see how I could support you in its natural unfolding.

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