Overwhelmed? Practice Being ON-PURPOSE

Feb 03, 2017

Today's SPARK reaches through the overconsumption of news, the overflow of swirling emotions, and the overwhelm of fear-inducing change, with a simple strategy for navigating these times.

Right now, many are wrestling with the balance between...

  • staying informed through News intake, 
  • feeling the emotions of each story and each person impacted by the decisions Trump is making each day, 
  • knowing which actions will be most effective in standing up for the values and rights you hold dear, 
  • engaging in the daily work & joy of business, family, and life
  • and making time for the self-care that is so crucial right now.

Have you been experiencing this wrestle? I know I have!

Today I offer one simple strategy (that I'm also practicing each day) to take back your ability to Focus amidst an overwhelming sea of uncertainty.

"The 30-Minute Focus Strategy"

1. Divide your day into 30 minute increments, using a timer to keep you to this time boundary.

2. Before you start your timer for 30 minutes, jot down what you are doing and why you are doing it. (ie. I'm reading quality news and calling 2 Senators because I want to be an engaged citizen. Or, I'm creating copy for a webpage about the program I'm about to offer, because I want to make my unique contribution. Or, I am dancing to music that uplifts me, because I want to feel alive and well in my body-mind-spirit.)

3. Then start the timer and engage fully in this activity for 30 minutes. Do not let any distractions or interruptions stop you from the Focus and Purpose you have chosen for this 30 minutes. That means no Facebook, email, phone answering, etc. during this intentional time!

4. When the timer goes off, Stop, take a break, and then set the timer again for 30 minutes, jotting down your new Focus and Purpose.

During this time of chaos, it's more important than ever to be FOCUSED on what matters most to you in each moment. Practice being ON-PURPOSE over and over again throughout the day. At any given moment, if anyone asks you what you are doing, know your clear Focus and the Purpose behind it.

Rather than wet-noodling and soggy-souping your way through this time of uncertainty--a surefire way to feel overwhelmed and out of balance amidst it all, I urge you to create structures and practices that keep you centered and grounded in your power & well-being.

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