Perfectly Imperfect Mother

May 09, 2020

Today's Spark wishes you a meaningful mother's day no matter what specific meaning it has for you. 

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For me this day is a celebration of my wonderful mother, a celebration of the joy of being a mother to Oskar, and a celebration of the perspective that all mother-child matches are perfectly imperfect. 

No matter what your own relationship is with your mother, can you see it as perfect for the soul that you are? Whether you are best friends or your mother-child relationship is full of trauma and tragedy, could it be exactly perfect for the growth journey you are on in this lifetime? As I awaken, this is the truth I experience.

I'm choosing to share the mother's day poem I wrote for my mom this year, in case it offers you something as well. What if it could open someone to expanded love and appreciation of their mother? Or what if it could open one more mother to self-compassion for the perfectly imperfect mother they are for their child.

The Best Choice I Ever Made.

It seems that with each year
My love and appreciation for you grows, Mom.
Perhaps because my capacity for Love expands.
Perhaps because I’m able to appreciate all angles of you.
Perhaps because I’m able to appreciate all angles of me.
Or perhaps as we both age,
We amplify the preciousness of it all.

This year in particular
I had an amazing experience--
One of those spiritual ones
That you probably would not encourage,
Where I re-experienced the moment
I chose you as my mother.

I really felt the light that I was
The unique soul that I am
Looking the whole world of possible mothers over
And choosing YOU.

You were and are the perfect mother for me
In every way--
Even the ways I didn’t like at the time.
And I was and am the perfect daughter for you,
As is Julie,
As was Jennifer--
Even in the ways that were and are so hard to bear.

The things that bother you about me
Are perfect for you to see.
The things that bother me about you
Are perfect for me too.
The things you teach me
Are perfect for me
The things I teach you
Are perfect for you.
It all helps us grow
If we let it.

In that moment of re-experiencing
Choosing you to be my mom,
My heart opened so big and so wide
Wide enough to fit ALL of you inside.

Tears streamed down my face
As I felt how BIG my Love for you really is.
It felt like a whole Universe of Love.

And then, as I zoomed from that moment
Back up to the moment that is Now,
I got to re-visit the perfection of that choice--
And all that played out
From the best choice I ever made.
I felt a lifetime of perfection of the match that we are.

So on this Mother’s Day, I’m here to say:
You are Perfect for Me in Every Way.      

~Jessica, 2020

Sending Love into the perfectly imperfect mother-child relationship that is part of your experience of life. 

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