Permission to Fail. Granted!

May 23, 2017

Today's Spark encourages you to take another bold step forward in liberating your gifts. After all, what's the point in holding them back from those who are meant to receive them?

Before I lead you through one of the liberating practices I use with clients, I want to make sure you know...

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Now, onto Today's SPARK Practice
-- one of my current clients just told me this is one of her favorite ones to do when she is caught up in her own fears and judgments.

Take the next 10 minutes to expand your ability to offer your gifts by granting yourself...

Permission to Liberate!

In order for your gifts to be fully expressed, they need your full permission. Liberate your gifts by writing a Proclamation of Permission that you can read aloud anytime you want to free yourself to share your gifts in the world. Notice what specific permissions you need to give yourself in order to liberate your gifts.

Example compiled from past client proclamations:

"I give myself permission to be imperfect, risky, and uncontrolled. I give myself permission to be rejected, judged, and disliked. I give myself permission to be powerful, successful, admired, and envied. I give myself permission to sing off key and use stick figures in my drawings. I give myself permission to look ugly or fat on stage in the spotlight. I give myself permission to feel hurt when others think I'm self-absorbed and to not let that stop me from taking great care of myself. I give myself permission to be erotic and beautiful. I give myself permission to be completely honest. I give myself permission to share my shameful stories. I give myself permission to fail. I give myself permission to learn lessons from experiments and mistakes along the way. I give myself permission to know I am extraordinary right now. I give myself permission to shine as bright as my Essence wants to shine."

Read your Proclamation of Permission aloud. In the spirit of full permission, how will you offer your gifts more fully and freely now?

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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