Play Your Way There - Princeton and TEDx

Aug 18, 2016

I just had the most fun Video-conference Coaching Experience with our SHINE Expansive participants. In order to warm us up to liberating our true self expression, I invited in a spirit of PLAY. Before I knew it, people were wearing fox masks, and being kissed by oversized stuffed animals, and having a personal dance party, and wearing fake mustaches and turning themselves upside down.

From there we were loosened up and able to dive deep into our inner work that propels us toward our dreams. I was reminded again that Play is Powerful.

This brings me to you. What dreams are on your Horizon? And what degree of pressure and seriousness are you feeling as you pursue these expansive opportunities. Today, I encourage you to shift the way you pursue your dreams, by inviting you to ... Play your way there.

In the month of September I'm stepping into my first performance on TV, my first TedX performance, and my first time being flown to an Ivy League University (Princeton) to offer my gifts. I could go about these dream opportunities from a place of seriousness and pressure. But that would mean arriving there feeling more stressed, more drained, more constricted, and more scared. That doesn't sound like any fun at all! And consequently, I would hesitate to keep moving in the direction of my most expansive horizon. So instead, I'm here to say, my plan is to 'play my way there'!

What dream are you pursuing in a way that is draining your energy? If you continue in this high-pressured way, how will you feel when you reach your destination? And if you feel frazzled by this dream, how will you greet the next expansive opportunity? What if you simply shifted the HOW? What if instead of taking this dream so seriously, you let yourself play with it, turning it into your next fun experiment in life?! What if you could actually enJoy the journey of your dream unfolding?

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