Powerlessness, Abuse of Power, and True Power

Oct 11, 2018
Today's Spark asks: will we be triggered into powerlessness, encouraged into abusing power, or awakened into our true power? 

It seems to be the perfect timing, amid the current sociopolitical landscape in America, to share my article about the Power Wound that was just published in "Today's Daring Woman"
When Kavanaugh was appointed to the Supreme Court last Saturday after Dr. Ford shared her story about Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her, I felt an intense wave of sadness, anger, and repulsion. I also felt a zinger land right in my power wound--the place in me that has felt like a powerless victim in the past. And then, I felt a distinct call to stand in my true power. 

No matter what the historical facts are, I sense that this situation--played out on the national stage-- activated the power wound of millions around the world. 
Anyone who has ever felt powerless or victimized, and anyone who has ever abused power in any way, has an opportunity to reinforce this pattern with every triggering event. Simultaneously, we have the potential to let such events open us up, touch our wounded parts with love, and heal further into our true power. When Women and Men tend to their Power Wounds, we can awaken our true power and lead our nation with love.
May my personal journey from powerlessness to true power, shared in this article, connect with your own as we rise up to make a positive difference in our world. It is a daring path indeed--one which I will gladly walk with you. 
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Until next time, may unconditional love make its way to any power wound within you... as you root ever deeper into the true power that you are. 
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