If You're Ready to Grow, Tend to Your Roots: Ways to Nourish Yourself and Your Business

May 03, 2019

Today I'm here with fresh inspiration to root for your growth as a leader, to nurture the foundation of your business, to remind you how the earth ~ the universe is supporting you in this very moment as you take your next step into your greater calling.

I created the picture below today as my guiding map for May. When I'm growing my business as I am right now by welcoming new soulful entrepreneurs into my Love Liberate Launch program, I enjoy tuning into a theme that will guide my personal and business growth. The theme that called to me for May is all about nourishing my root system, activating my root chakra, and deepening my relationship with the earth. This focus also applies directly to how I support rising entrepreneurs to create the FOUNDATION of the business they were born to lead. So this month I am dedicated to offering grounded support (inspired by this image) to soulful entrepreneurs and conscious leaders through this eZine, as well as via videos and FB Lives that I will be sharing on my Personal Facebook Pageand Spark Facebook Page. I hope you'll join me there by sending me a friend request or liking my biz page so you can receive all the goodness that is ready to nourish the roots of your leadership and strengthen the foundation of your purposeful business.

Here's what is inspiring my personal and business growth this month...

A Poem for May
"The Foundation of Liberation & Expansion"

I invite May to root me deep into the earth
For there I become stronger.
I'm ready to anchor into where it all begins
The foundation of liberation & expansion
From which everything grows.
Barefooting my way through the trees
I invite May to bring me to my knees
Praying to the mother of it all.
It's time for May to make me wild again
To bare my skin to the wind
And howl into the dark places.
I sense a Primal Party rising
Calling me to the tribe that knows
Everyone is welcome, everyone belongs.
I feel May rising up through my feet, legs, pelvis, spine
Calling me to wake up from separateness
To stop domesticating myself
Away from the discomfort
Of the uncontrolled nature of it all.
I know May is here to say
You are always safe to come out and play
For the infinite in you can never die
And the Universe is supporting you to fly.
Thank you May for all the ways
In your springtime colors and rains
That you are rooting for us all to grow.

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