reinvent, realign, and rebuild in alignment with your soul.

Aug 22, 2019

Today I hope to inspire you to see beyond whatever box you and your business are in ... and dare to reinvent, realign, and rebuild in alignment with your soul. 

This week we highlight Gretchen Howard, my amazing client for the past three years, because she is one of the most inspiring examples of reinventing, realigning, and rebuilding that I know. Through her story, may you be able to see beyond any boxes, facades, habits, fears, and beliefs that hold you back. Through her sharing, may you tap into your vision of life and work that would most satisfy your soul. Through her journey, may you see that reinvention, realignment, and rebuilding is not only worth is essential if you want to become who you were born to be and do the work that you're uniquely designed to do. 

Without further ado, I introduce you to the amazing, hands-in-the-dirt, spirited, generous-hearted, iron skillet wielding, PR Angel, Gretchen Howard...

“I first met Jessica through a friend’s encouragement to join her program The Shine Expansive. A few weeks into this program, I was faced with an extremely difficult, life-changing family situation, and the program’s support held me up as I navigated through. The next time Jessica offered The Shine Expansive, I decided to do the program again as I knew it would benefit me just as must as it did the first time and from a different place and perspective. I then joined Jessica’s program Love Liberate Launch, and now Love Liberate Lead Private Coaching. Having Jessica alongside me professionally, personally and spiritually has been transformational to my wholeness.   

When I think back to the state of my business when I first started working with Jessica, it was coasting along. Aspects of work and life were stressful – being a mother of two and a business owner, I was constantly reacting to others’ needs and requests instead of honoring my own and proactively using my talents and gifts. I’ve always been an accommodating person but was emphasizing this trait to a fault, yet I thought I was being nice and helpful. I shaped my work around what each client needed and could afford. I played small because I thought that honored others. I undervalued my services to “get the job” and accommodate my client’s budget. 

I thought my profession was supposed to fit in a neat and tidy box that was defined by someone else – not realizing that my unique passions, approaches and even quirks would bring great value and deep fulfillment to me and my business. Putting others’ needs above my own affected my health, my creativity, and the prosperity of my business. 

My business is now thriving and flourishing. Jessica was able to see much of what I was unable to because I was simply trying to get by day-to-day as I juggled all the balls in the air and gave my attention to the biggest fire. So much has changed. My work is now a part of my wholeness, not a separate and stagnant compartment.

One of the first things Jessica coached me on was restructuring my workday to nourish myself. I began prioritizing self-care and self-love and put them at the top of my to-do list – these gems were no longer squeezed in if I happened to have a few extra minutes or energy at the end of my day. I set up some new practices that are now habits: exercise every day, outdoor adventure each week, spending time with money each workday, putting my top business creations first each day, meditating every morning, connecting with others every day in encouraging ways, loving myself deeply in self-caring ways so I can give my best to others - just to name a few.

Most days now, I exercise outside first thing. Or I will schedule a yoga class or bike ride into my day. Friday afternoons are reserved for solo adventures – a hike or trail run alone – this feeds my soul on a deep level. I call these outings biz-runs, biz-yoga, or biz-hikes. I use the time for inspiration around my work and always come home and jot down new insights. Throughout my workday I feel focused, peaceful, and inspired. No more jumping around and reactively “putting out fires.” Distractions are minimized. I’ve let go of things that don’t support my greatest work, and I have added in things that nourish my soul. 

Over the course of my year in Love Liberate Launch, I completely re-branded my business. I escaped the generic PR box I had put myself in and let my true self be expressed. I created a new logo, brand new website, and clear purpose that feeds my soul while honoring my story. I have newfound confidence and energy as my business feels fully aligned and expresses who I really am.

I’ve had a personal relationship with God since I was a teen, but what I didn’t realize was that I kept God in the personal aspects of my life. I certainly didn’t want to offend anyone by bringing spirituality into the workplace. My personal relationship with God and my own inner guidance are now at the heart of my business, leading the way and nourishing me -- and I can’t think of a more powerful and uplifting driver. If that direction is not in line with a potential client, so be it – someone else is meant to serve them.

A big part of the Love Liberate Launch experience was learning to rely on my inner wisdom and spirit. My decisions, direction, and inspiration are more inwardly guided than ever before. This makes each work day feel exciting, enriching, and spirit-led. Building a business in alignment with my inner guidance leads to integrity, creativity, happiness and deep satisfaction in my work. When I am connected to the divine love inside of me, there is literally nothing to fear. I know my inner knowledge has been within me all along, but Jessica’s guidance showed me how to connect, listen, and follow it. 

As I began to rebrand and rename my business, Jessica helped me identify the deeper purpose that fuels my work at Iron Skillet Media. We discovered how my biggest challenges—like my journey with breast cancer and extended family struggles —have prepared me to step into my greater calling. I now have a purpose statement expressing why I do what I do. Anytime I wonder which direction to take, I refer back to this purpose statement and let it guide my way forward. I have also connected my business with non-profit causes that align with my purpose, and I have delivered significant pro-bono work and financial contributions to them in meaningful ways.

Jessica also helped me identify who I’m meant to serve and why. Before, I took whatever work came my way. Now I clearly and confidently understand that my unique interests and gifts are designed to serve particular people -- my marketing is meant to attract my ideal clients and repel the rest. It feels so good to give my “all” to those who will benefit the most from my gifts. I have now aligned everything in my business to serve the ideal clients I love working with most--the eco-conscious, family-centric, spiritually-inspired, growth-oriented businesses that contribute in positive ways to the seed to skillet process of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

My two most recent clients, Hickory Nut Gap Farm and Bluegrass Hemp Oil, are testimony to the satisfaction of focusing my whole business on those I desire to serve most. These clients are aligned with my values and passions, and working with them lights me up.

With all this foundational clarity, Jessica then helped me shape my most valuable offerings—upleveling how I package my services and creating pricing that truly reflects the value I offer my clients. I can now easefully talk to potential clients about what I charge without playing small, discounting, or undervaluing my services. With the help of the Love Liberate Launch resources, I set up my complete enrollment process and service delivery system. Ultimately, all this leaves me feeling clear and confident in how I offer my services. I had been undercharging since the inception of my business. My services now equate to the truth of their value.

After Jessica helped me shape my PR services into year-long packages, I made a big income leap again that aligned with the inner work I'd experienced as I claimed my value. I went from random and exhausting short-term and hourly projects to year-long packages and relationships. I now commit to my clients and vice versa for a minimum of twelve months– and there is incredible value as the work and momentum builds and our relationships deepen. I now serve the people I’m designed to support and make good money doing what I love. My work is nourishing to me and my family as I have the income to support the life we desire. My stress around money is gone.

I’m beyond grateful for my work with Jessica. If it weren’t for her work, I imagine my business would still be stuck in its stagnant, reactive and stressful state. The more I commit to her programs and show up, the more I have received and the richness continues to multiply. I’ve made many new friends and contacts through her programs including a daily work/life accountability partner.

Jessica is gifted at what she does. She uncovers people from their own created muck that they don’t even realize they are in. She has an ability to see right through the stuck and confused places and supports and transforms others and their work – I’ve seen it in myself and I’ve seen it countless times with others in her programs. Our private coaching sessions are adventurous and unpredictable, and they always end with levels of growth I never saw coming. Through working with Jessica I am supported and expanding in ways I never imagined.“

~ Gretchen Howard
PR Specialist
Iron Skillet Media

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May you see beyond whatever box you and your business are in and dare to reinvent, realign, and rebuild in alignment with your soul. 


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