Repel 7 Billion People. I Dare You

Oct 25, 2017

Today's SPARK liberates you to repel billions of people in order to attract those you're uniquely designed to serve.

One of my favorite things to say to my entrepreneurial clients is this...With the Earth's population at 7.6 Billion, you need to REPEL MORE THAN 7 BILLION people in order to attract the hundreds, thousands, or even millions you're uniquely designed to serve. 

My clients LOVE when I say this because it gives them permission to be disliked, judged, and rejected...which is often their greatest fear.

Because I work with individuals who tend to be people-pleasers & perfectionists, being liked and approved of by all who meet them is high on their list of priorities--consciously or subconsciously. If you have these same tendencies, you'll constantly water down, suppress, contort, constrict, conform, hush, and hide the bold truth of who you really are, what you really have to say, and the unique Value that only you can offer.

When you're an entrepreneur in a sea of people who offer similar services, your Uniqueness is crucial to help you stand out to those who need your gifts the most. But if you hold back your Uniqueness in fear of turning someone off, your business never takes off because you never FULLY SHOW UP.

Once you realize that indeed you're not designed to serve every human on this planet (nor do you have the capacity for 7.6 Billion clients), you no longer have to be attractive to everyone. And to free yourself from the fear, you have full permission to be REPULSIVE! With this understanding, you can unleash your Uniqueness! You can start saying what you really think and being who you really are, freely repelling those who don't resonate.

It is so fun when the spirit of liberation takes full effect for my clients and their freedom reigns in their business. Then their business becomes a full expression of their Uniqueness and offers a stage upon which they can freely do what they were born to do.

Let's find out what is possible when you give yourself permission to repel billions!

~ What bold thing would you let yourself say or do in your work if your mission was to repel billions to attract the thousands you're meant to serve?

~ If you no longer feared being judged, disliked, or rejected...what business would you create to set you FREE to do what you are Uniquely designed to do?

If you're willing to share, send me a quick reply. I'd love to hear your liberated answers to these questions.

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