RESILIENCE for the Entrepreneurial Journey

Aug 09, 2017

Today's SPARK inspires you to transform challenges into RESILIENCE.

Last week I shared a peak experience of supporting soulful entrepreneurs to make a positive difference with their gifts. If you didn't catch it, here are the "9 Picturesque Potent Truths" I would love every soulful entrepreneur to know. Today I want to continue encouraging those who are pioneering through entrepreneurial terrain, on a mission to make their unique contribution in the world.

This week I've been immersed in RESILIENCE as I created a new guidebook around "Growing your Business with Resilience" for my online Love Liberate Launch Coaching Program.

Today I'd like to let some of this goodness ripple out to you. (Annnnd, if you truly want in on ALL the goodness, while creating the business you were born to lead, connect with me here as we're inviting new members in right now.)

I am convinced that the entrepreneurial journey is one of life's greatest teachers. When you decide to create a business that involves sharing who you really are with the world, you are signing on for some major personal growth. When you say Yes to your deepest purpose, you will face trials that strengthen you for the mission you are on. When you choose to follow your greater calling toward the difference you were born to make, there will be some fear-inducing treks on the way to the mountaintop.

To reach the people you are designed to serve, you will be stretching beyond your comfort zone and putting yourself out there in new ways. As you increase your visibility, you let your true self be seen and heard in new places and with new people. With each expansive act of visibility, you are able to expand your business community and the positive impact you can make.

With every significant expansion, it is natural to experience a contraction. This dance between expansion and contraction is an essential part of creation, transformation, and birthing the business of being you.

These contractions often involve encounters with Fear and feelings of failure, rejection, judgment, frustration, embarrassment, and disappointment. These contractions might touch into the inner wounds and shadowy parts within you that are ready for their next level of healing. In these darker moments of contraction, you will need Resilience.

Without Resilience, any single challenge could feel defeating, could be the catalyst for a throw in the towel, hide in a hole moment. Without Resilience, we can see obstacles, blocks, resistance, muck, and limitations as signs that we're not cut out for this entrepreneurial path. With Resilience, you welcome the challenge as a growth opportunity and let it fuel you forward.

A key differentiator between the soulful entrepreneurs who stay the course and those that close up shop is Resilience. To create a sustainable soul-satisfying successful business, you need to grow Resilience for all that is ahead -- increasing your capacity to welcome whatever you encounter, recover quickly from difficulties, and keep going when the going gets tough.

So as I lead my Love Liberate Launch participants in growing their Resilience, I ask you:

How will you transform your challenges into Resilience?

If you realize that investing in support is the first step to growing your Resilience for the entrepreneurial journey ahead, I'd love to connect with you. Our Love Liberate Launch program is now welcoming in new trailblazers. So, let's enjoy an hour together, shining a light on what is possible for you as a soulful entrepreneur. Simply sign up for a free Visioning Session and call in your Clarity--illuminating the business that sets you free to be who you really are. I would love to discover how I could best support you in pioneering your next chapter.

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