Retreat into Your Soul-Satisfying Work

May 17, 2017

Today's SPARK inspires you to Retreat into your soul-satisfying work.

I just arrived back from leading a retreat with a wonderful group of rising entrepreneurs. It was a SPARK Retreat at Bear Creek Cabins, the 9-acre 2-cabin sweet spot in Hot Springs, North Carolina, that we now own and care take. 

As I savor the satisfaction of our inspired gathering in this special place, I'll give you a taste of what we experienced... 

Sitting in rocking chairs on the porch, we relaxed into retreat mode and voiced the areas in our business needing support right now.

We simmered in our deeper purpose while cooking dinner, expressing the causes that inspire us and the positive social impact our business can make.

Enjoying the rushing of the creek during dinner, we streamed ideas of how our gifts, training, and life experience could all flow together in the services we offer. Breathing the fresh mountain air, we connected with a fresh perspective to the blocks we face around the admin and marketing side of owning a business.

Soon the night came, the stars emerged, and we sat around the fire pit sparking the next chapter of our business visions to begin. A hot tub soak let it all soak in before we slumbered with our dreams in our cozy cabin. 

This morning brought crickets encouraging us to take a leap and pancakes touched by the sweetness of being on the entrepreneurial journey together. Sitting in the wooden chapel, we opened up to spirited guidance around the next steps we are meant to take in growing our business. 

As baby birds squeaked in a nest nearby, this circle of women encouraged me to offer more of these retreats. In this moment, as I take it all in, I say Yes Let's! I'm already excited for the next one...perhaps with YOU?!

If you are ready to shape your soul-satisfying work, I would love to create a Retreat for YOU. I feel excited to now offer this private VIP getaway experience along with my online group programs and private coaching to support you in exactly the way that you want to be supported. Whether you are clarifying what you are meant to do or creating a business that is uniquely you, I would love to support you in this powerful time.

If you're interested in a customized retreat experience or any other program offerings, I offer you a free Visioning Session to explore how to navigate your current challenges and envision your next soul-satisfying chapter. Let's discover the support you need to step into the purposeful work that you were born to do.

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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