Ruth's Love Liberate Launch Story

Mar 28, 2018

I invested in Love Liberate Launch one year ago because I knew I was ready to step into a bigger calling. I had a brand new business that was not yet aligned with my greater vision. I was not yet letting my full uniqueness emerge in the way I worked. I was afraid of being fully myself at work and offering my gifts in their most powerful form. I feared that I might repel people with my uniqueness. 

I had always played it safe with my work, wanting to please and fit in. But after years of doing that and never feeling satisfied, I was ready to be supported in discovering a more satisfying way. Love Liberate Launch helped me reconnect me with my truest self and shed negative beliefs, repressive social structures, and status quo business ideals. Love Liberate Launch freed me to be myself confidently, allowing people to like or not like me. Jessica reminded me that with 7.6 billion people on this planet, I am free to repel billions while attracting the thousands my uniqueness is meant to serve. 

Once I embraced the idea that I don’t have to try to serve and please everyone, I focused my offerings on what I love to do and who I love to work with most. I spruced up my website to attract the BEST clients for me. I quickly moved to a place of being so busy with ideal clients, selectively choosing whom I accepted into my practice. I realized that when I let myself fully show up in my real-deal uniquely spirited way, I easily attract clients who are naturally drawn to what I’m bringing--my own personal magic. I realize now that the "courage to be ME" is what powerfully attracts my ideal clients.


From this liberated perspective, I launched a class series that expressed my uniqueness and expertise fully. I allowed my truest essence, full array of gifts, and unbridled passion for holistic pelvic health to create the class I was born to teach. Using the program’s step-by-step guidance, I launched an incredibly successful and satisfying series. 65 ideal participants signed up! Through this one class series I generated more money than the entire yearlong financial investment I made in Love Liberate Launch.


It has truly been an honor to work with Jessica. She is committed to being deeply present as a business coach. She has an endless well of energy and passion for each entrepreneur and a relentless spirit of encouragement! So many times I witnessed Jessica uncover valuable insight for a participant, who hit a tearful wall in their progress, and generate positive movement again. Jessica knows how to pull out the important gems in anything we say--I swear she can turn vomit into something valuable! And she teaches you to become more and more resilient with each challenge you move through. 

Most of all, Jessica’s emphasis on spiritual attunement leads you toward deep satisfaction, as you become inner-guided in everything you do. Jessica keeps you accountable to doing your own soul-level check-ins to make sure you stay aligned while you create your business. And then she holds you accountable for focused follow-through in the direction your inner guidance is calling you to go. 

Love Liberate Launch guided me to make money by living into my spiritual journey. How amazing is that?! I learned the power of letting life force move me toward my passion and unique contribution. I experienced my own potency from achieving something from a spiritual place. 

Learning to fearlessly offer my unique gifts in an inner-guided way allowed me to launch a business that made my 5-year dream a reality over the course of only 12 months. This program accelerated my growth drastically and was worth every dollar and minute I invested into it.


Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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