Sabbatical needed? Take one in the next 10 minutes.

Sep 24, 2019

Today I invite you to ask yourself if you need to step away, take the sabbatical your soul craves, and then re-engage with work in life-giving ways. 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do ... is not do. And the only way to make a change is to pause in stillness long enough to hear where your heart is calling you to go. That's the kind of sabbatical I'm encouraging you to take. The amount of time is not important. However, what you choose to discover in that space is crucial to the satisfaction you'll feel in your next chapter of life and work.

So, whether you ultimately choose to step away from 'Business as Usual' for the next day, week, month, or year, I encourage you to take a mini-sabbatical for the next 10 minutes. Start by reading Jan Trout's inspiring story of her sabbatical from work. Then put everything down and set a timer for 10 minutes of stillness.

As your mind stills, tune into your heart and ask:
How is my heart calling me to go and grow with my life and work?
What change is my heart guiding me to make in order for my work to satisfy my soul?

Write down whatever your heart says or shows you. Say thank you for whatever it gives you. And show it your trust by taking immediate action in the direction it is calling you to go.

Without further ado, I introduce you to the big-hearted, generous-spirited, life-giving business owner & insurance agent, Jan Trout. Hear how she stepped away from work in order to rediscover her truest self, her power to heal, her intuitive gifts, her creative flow, and her self-caring approach to work and life.

May Jan's wake up call serve as yours ... so that your own body doesn't have to start acting up or shutting down to call you into the Sabbatical your soul craves.

"In the midst of running a business with my spouse, I experienced an illness in 2014 that rocked my world. Some of my major organs began to shut down and my blood pressure rose off the charts. Fortunately, I was able to get treatment and recovered. But it served as a wake up call.

I decided to take a sabbatical from my business to shift my approach to my personal wellness, life and work. During that time I chose to invest in Jessica’s coaching because without a commitment to be fully in, the change I desire does not happen.

Jessica’s coaching helped me tap into my creativity, rediscover my true self, and activate my own power to heal. Her coaching gently uncovered my uniqueness, my gifts and my very essence.   

I experienced this self-discovery journey during my year in Love Liberate Launch. While discovering my gifts, I naturally began to forgive myself. Experiencing self-assurance, I naturally let go of resentments, comparisons and roles that I outgrew long ago.  Focusing on self-care, I no longer felt obligated to fix anything or anyone.

I became clear that my intuition is my greatest gift to the world – sharing it with one person at a time. I care. I observe. I listen. I can hear what you aren’t expressing. Honoring your greatest good and mine, I mirror and give you my understanding of the struggles you face. After working with Jessica, I now offer this gift to myself as well. If I have unease, I listen to my inner guidance until I understand and see the way through my own challenge. 

I now have a well-built support system within myself. I am here for me now. Any help that I have been to others in the past is not nearly as wise, well seasoned, and nurtured as it is now. As I go forward, I feel grounded. I have experienced so much personal growth that I can now go to the next level with a sound foundation of confidence.

I cannot tell you exactly how the changes, the healing, the forgiveness occurred because Love Liberate Launch is a cumulative experience. What I can tell you is that you begin to trust the process because you are the process.

Now in 2019, I am doing great and my business is growing in leaps and bounds. I am grateful for Jessica’s wise guidance and sound support along the way. Jessica is definitely outside the box and that is how I live my life. She is truly a loving spirit, beyond judgment, who wants to help you shine. Jessica is constantly growing, revealing, and sharing her gifts--she is the best testimony of her own inner work. She is a sought after speaker, highly educated, and dedicated to learning all she can in life – so that she can lead with love."

~Jan Trout, Owner
Trout Insurance
Medicare and Health Insurance Advisor

May you dare to step away from what does not serve you and take the sabbatical your soul craves, so that then you can re-engage with work in life-giving ways. 

If you feel that it is indeed time to take your sabbatical so you can pivot, transform, liberate, and create a new soul-satisfying approach to work and life...and you'd like to partner with me to receive my coaching support along the way, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session.


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