Stop (Doing). Drop (Proving). and Roll (Where You're Guided to Go).

Feb 01, 2018

Today's SPARK invites you to make time to listen for what you're really meant to do. Yes indeed, it's time to stop (doing), drop (proving), and roll (in the direction you're guided to go).

Amidst our busy lives it is so easy NOT to create space for stillness and listening. It is so easy to generate To-Do's from our rational mind or from an unconscious drive to prove. It is so easy to go through the motions, get through what has to be done, and follow the ruts that are even deeper than yesterday. It is so easy to let other people's expectations of what you should do determine how you color within their lines.

You know what's funny? When you fall into these EASY patterns ... they can create a life that feels quite HARD! Grinding, pushing, driving your way forward--just getting by, just making do, just another day. All these easy patterns can lead to a stuck-in-a-rut sort of feeling that seems hard to change. So knowing this, wouldn't it actually be more EASEFUL to stop, make space, be still, and listen?

Imagine taking time each day to turn to your inner guidance, your higher power, your clear heart, your highest self, and simply ask: what guidance do you have for me today? Imagine what might happen if you listened for this guidance and then followed through with action in the direction it called you to go.

Likely, it would lead you into the unknown--beyond ruts and to-dos, beyond the grind and proving, and beyond external expectations and coloring within the lines. It would involve Trust in a greater wisdom and the letting go of your ego-driven ways. It would also include being judged negatively by some and positively by others, while knowing that their judgment is not what matters.

My experience with Listening always leads me to feel more Alive, more purposeful, more spiritually connected, more open-hearted, and more powerfully present. Listening always leads me to an expanded sense of what's possible--for me and through me. Listening always guides my business in the direction of my highest vision and most meaningful work.

So might it be worth it for you to carve out time to listen today? Let's find out where you're truly called. Let's find out what is meant to come through you today. Let's find out what you're guided to do.

As for me, here is the result of my Stop Drop and Roll! This is what Listening has led me to create. And I invite you to join in the Spotlight Liberation experience with me on Feb 12th if you are within driving distance to Asheville, NC. You will see me Listening on-stage in service to your own liberation.

Spotlight Liberation is for established and aspiring entrepreneurs on a mission who are ready to be seen & heard. In this live, interactive, experiential workshop, we encourage you to come out of hiding, welcome your vulnerability, and use the stage environment to amplify your visibility and liberation. Whether you choose to be on the stage or in the audience, your own transformation will be the focus in this experience.

If you're ready to move beyond your Visibility Fears, so they no longer hold you back from leading your mission, I created this event for you. We welcome your sweaty palms and your courage to stretch. Beyond public speaking, this event is about your foundational ability to let yourself be seen and heard. The stage becomes a liberating place when, instead of putting on a show, you are invited to authentically show up. I am so excited to fully show up in my vulnerability and power right alongside you.

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P.S. We're going all out for Spotlight Liberation on Feb 12th. We have Daniel Barber offering musical support to each person who steps onto stage with me. And we have Erica Mueller as our professional photographer to capture all the liberating moments in the spotlight. I'll be so excited to share those photos with you--and your own portfolio of spotlight moments will be available for purchase after the event.

P.P.S. If you feel a little bit scared but sense you're meant to go to this Spotlight Liberation event, please know ALL of you is welcome--the scared and the courageous parts. My gift is creating a safe supportive space to stretch in liberating ways. And everything is an invitation--you are always the one to choose if you want to stretch into the spotlight or have a transformative experience in the audience.

P.P.P.S. In this moment, when you Stop (doing) Drop (proving), are you guided to Roll in the direction of Spotlight Liberation?

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