Thanksgiving Shift from Fear to Love

Nov 20, 2018

Today's Spark offers a blessing to shift from fear to love this Thanksgiving.

Our Nation's Heart: A Thanksgiving Blessing
By Jessica Chilton
Click to hear Jessica recite this blessing for you.
Now more than ever
We need to hold hands.
We need to feel the humanness, the warmth, the skin.
Especially the hands of another who is somehow against--
Against what we believe,
Against us,
Against them,
Against the small,
Against a wall,
Against the fall,
Against it all.
In our DNA, it is true,
We are more alike than different.
But the skin, the spin
We're living in,
Can story us apart.
So now more than ever
We need heart.
Heart that listens
Heart of compassion
Heart that loves
Heart of action.
How can we make more space at our table?
How can we open our door wider?
How can we look inside her and him and us and them
And find a We that is inclusive of everyone and everything?
How can we feed each other Love?
Offering Love
To those we don't like.
Offering Love
To those we look down on.
Offering Love
To those who make us uncomfortable.
Offering Love
To those who trigger us
Into anger and tears.
Offering Love
To those who go backward to our forward.
Offering Love
To those who are most scared
Of what we might offer instead?
Do not shut down your heart to anyone
In protest or detest. In fear or unrest.
Heal the bully in all of us.
Grow our common roots
Deeper into human rights.
Dream into the darkness.
Be the sun rising from the night.
May we be reminded,
On this day of gratitude,
Of our capacity
To let Love lead us beyond fear.
What would Love do?
How have you Loved today?
If you are going to fight for something-
Let it be for Love.
And may All win.
Now more than ever,
May we unconditionally welcome
One and all
To come together
For a thanksgiving harvest
Of Love
From our Nation's Heart.

Until next time, please know how grateful I am for our deepening connection. And may we unconditionally welcome one and all to a Thanksgiving Harvest of Love from our Nation's Heart. 

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