The Creation Stuck Inside of You Wants to Emerge

Mar 10, 2020

Today's Spark opens the doors through which the creations and gifts stuck inside of you can emerge. 

First, let me tell you that the doors of my heart have swung wide open with the help of my new (free) facebook group "Improvisational Songs, Poems, and Messages for YOU." Within days of opening it, we have so many playmates gathered together in this space and my gifts and creations are fully being let out to play! I go Live and hear the participants' personal responses to the daily juicy topic which then inspires improvisational messages to come through me on the spot -SO FUN!

Speaking of FUN--sometimes I wear curlers...

And sometimes I channel Charlie Chaplin...

But mostly I'm connecting heart to heart with the participants in the group while letting Love speak and sing through me for all of us. 

Today I'll share one of my favorite improvisations which came through this week in our facebook playground and is relevant if you have any creations or gifts stuck inside of you. Perhaps this poetic perspective will entice you to see from the vantage point of your creation itself--the one that has been wanting OUT OUT OUT of your inner sanctum for quite a while now! Maybe once you sense the celebratory squeals that it will thank you with upon its grand release, you will be willing to unleash, reveal, and express that which has been within you all along. 

Specifically, this improvisation is in response to one participant, Gretchen, who said: "My heart is calling me to write." If you are a writer, with words that have not yet seen the light of day or a book that you know wants to be on its way into the world, this improvisational poem is encouragement for you.

If you are a creator of any kind (a.k.a. all of us), may this message encourage the freedom of your gifts. I believe we all could benefit from imagining our creations and gifts exclaiming "Thank You!" back to us once we let them out into the world to play!

Want to receive an improvisational message of your own-- from love, through me, to you? Simply step into our playground by joining our group here: 


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