The Most Powerful Thing You Could Do Today

Aug 28, 2019

Today I invite you into the most powerful thing you could do in this moment--connect with and receive Inner Guidance about your life and business right now. And I offer you a gift to help you do exactly that! 

Yes, I'm gifting you one of the cornerstone teachings of my coaching programs. This audio, from my Love Liberate Launch soulful business creation program, leads you through the pivotal experience of connecting with your Inner Guidance in a way that can change your life and business forever more. I'm not being overdramatic. I've simply witnessed it countless times in my clients. And today's featured Client Spotlight, Asher Leigh, is an inspiring example of the power of inner guidance. Read her story and then click the image below to experience it for yourself.


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(This guided visualization is a cornerstone teaching in all of my coaching programs. Asher's story inspired me to gift it to you today!)

This week we illuminate the transformative journey of Asher Leigh, soul-inspired folk musician and coach, and graduate of Love Liberate Launch and The SHINE Expansive. She is one of the most inspiring examples of shifting from dependence on external validation to inner-guidance and self-love. She demonstrates what is possible when you say Yes to your highest self calling you into the fullest expression of your gifts. Gone are her days of playing small and staying hidden. With her Debut Album "Roots Alive" now in the hands of her fans and a Coaching Practice serving other emerging musicians offered from her new studio space, she is leading the business she was born to lead.

May Asher's story activate your own curiosity about your Inner Guidance and what might become possible when you awaken to your Superpower. Without further ado, I introduce you to the inner-guided Voice of Soul herself--the creative, collaborative, community-cultivating, authentic and amazing, Asher Leigh...

photo by Erica Mueller Photography

“Before working with Jessica, I was a Musician – in hiding. I was also a Life Coach, but without much financial success or clear direction for my business. I was playing very small, not only in my business dreams but also in my life. Restricting my creative expression every day, I was cutting myself off from my full power and not even realizing how I was doing it. By constantly depending on external validation and disconnecting from my own inner guidance and love, I was never going to feel fulfilled in my career. What I wanted was to be an independent artist and a guide for others, and what I was actually doing was downplaying all of my gifts to make sure I was safe. One of the ways my struggle showed itself is consistent self-punishment. No matter what was going on, internally I degraded myself for not meeting a high enough standard of success. This created so manyhabits of over-giving to the outside world withoutgiving anything to myself. The resulting Lack in my life and business was horrible. 

I stepped into the Love Liberate Launch program because I knew I was ready for the inner transformation and liberation required to step into my greater calling
.  I decided to receive exactly what I needed to THRIVE in an intuitively-guided career that honored ALL of my gifts: support from a Jessica, a person who knew my struggle precisely, and who could help me find my solutions inwardly. 

This program has given me a deep, consistent connection with my inner guidance system as it relates to my creative business. I learned that givingto myself FIRST before giving to others is what creates true abundance. I now fill my tank, and THEN give, which lets people I interact with feel the Value of the ENDLESS supply of Love within me. I have learned how to truly love myself, and provide the nourishment I really need through consistent self-care, quality relationship-time, and nurturing my creativity. This change has been reflected through my business in so many ways. One of them is in my connection with musicians and fans. I notice that the jealousy that used to separate me from others doing similar things is just gone. Because I feel more secure in my own abilities, opportunities, and purpose path, I am not as threatened by other people who are shining. Trusting in the uniqueness I bring to a room has opened up a whole new realm of connection – which is what the music business is all about. I now collaborate and partner with people aligned with my purpose, and this feels like a superpower in world of competition and fear.

photo by Erica Mueller Photography

This journey has LIT UP my spirit. I feel so spiritually-centered now at my core. Others describe this shift as noticing an “unshakeable wisdom” that they can see, hear, and feel from me and my expression. I feel a new kind of access to my wise,creative guidance system at every fork in the road and to navigate every bump and bend. Now I am rooted in my internal sense of worthiness, my inner knowing, my inner compass. I know how to feel my heart’s desire and take action toward my soul’s potential. I use all of this inner-rootedness to launch each new entrepreneurial creative endeavor from my core. I feel unstoppable now because I know I can deal with anything that comes up within me or in life.

photo by Erica Mueller Photography

I remember one coaching call in particular as my Turning Point in coming out of hiding as a Musician. After guidance from Jessica to tune into what my Soul truly, truly desired as my next step, I received a clear answer: record my debut album.

Because I had learned in this program to trust myself fully, I said Yes immediately to to this inner guidance to record my debut album and step fully into my power as a musician. I realized in that moment that embodying my own dreams was imperative to helping others reach theirs. By saying Yes to my inner guidance, it felt like everything opened up and started flowing in a way it never had before.

Photo by Rodney Smith

I immediately booked a show at a well-known venue in Black Mountain.  I began planning for fundraising efforts including the budget, the music, and the promotional video.  I launched and led a successful Kickstarter Campaign to fund my music project.  I described it under a clear and unique brand, naming my style “soul-inspired” folk music.  I recorded “Roots Alive,” my debut album, in four days with some of the most talented musicians in Asheville -- Chris Rosser, River Guerguerian, and Madelyn Ilana.  I booked my album release show at the Grey EagleMusic Hall, finished the album details, and successfully sang to a room full of 122 friends and family members.  Distributing an album of original music at this show was literally a life-long dream made real.  My supporters who pre-purchased it saw and felt that I am now owning and celebrating my identity as Musician and Artist. It feels so soul-satisfying to proclaim: I am a Musician and this is what I do for work!! 

With this newly proclaimed identity, I am able to let everybody SEE me as I express myself fully as I am. The results of this have been miraculous to say the least. This year I have toured nationally, sharing my music and coaching services more broadly. I now rent a studio space specifically dedicated to my music and coaching practice.  

Photo by Erica Mueller Photography

One of the biggest changes, is that I am now allowing myself to be as I naturally am. I used to feel blocked around expressing myself via video andalthough this is still vulnerable, I now use it all the time. I feel permission to move forward with ANYTHING MY HEART DESIRES. I can be Bold, Expressed, and Honest, and I don’t have to “perform” for people anymore to try and impress anyone. When I share music now, I give myself permission to be real – whatever that means -- and let that be enough. When Ilet my freak flag fly, it’s because it feels good to be free, and not because I am trying to make people like me. What I notice that is especially different now, isfeeling a newfound strength and stability within me that is not easily shaken and that does not need all that permission from other people. I only need permission from myself, and that relationship is now my rock.

The education I have received from Jessica is internal AND external. Regarding the external, I now have a Core Foundation from which I share my art and guidance workMy brand is Soul-Inspired Music Performance & Musician SupportI now feel confident coaching other Musicians who want tocome out of hiding and claim their path as an emerging artist. Having fully stepped into my Vibrancy, doing what I was born to do, I can now serve in the ways that feel most natural and good to me.

In the deepest sense, I now feel like a channel of Love. And that is being reflected back to me by friends, fans, and coaching clients. I am here to be used in a loving way by the Divine. And that's the experience of a lifetime. I can honestly say now that I AM LIVING MY BEST LIFE.  

Photo by Erica Mueller Photography

One of the great benefits of the Love Liberate Launch community is having a group of supportive equals that meet one another in creative expression and the desire to serve. Journeying with other people in this way brings me such deep delight. Because of this program, I have a Sisterhood of creative, soulful entrepreneurs--one that is led by the most amazing guide. Jessica was an ideal match for me in this role, because I needed a loving, nurturing container of growth that could also offer me motivation and accountability.  This program and Jessica’s leadership provides all of that and more, and puts the FUN back in business-building.  

Jessica’s spiritual clarity is profound, and it is evident in everything she does. Her dignity, integrity, and perspectives are so spot-on. I trust her wholeheartedly in having her clients’ best interest at heart, and also showing up for her own desires 100%. I’m so grateful that she does this work to support us in loving, liberating, and launching, because operating an intuitively-led business can be a complex path. We need more liberated soulful entrepreneurs in the world, and this program empowers EVERYONE who fully takes it in to evolve into a wholesome, beautifully expressed person serving others in the best possible ways.

-Asher Leigh,

I’m so inspired and delighted by Asher’s soul expressive music that I bought her CD immediately upon release. If you feel moved by her shining spirit you can purchase her CD here! 


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May you harness your Superpower and let your Inner Guidance lead the way.

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