The Terror Barrier Between You and Your Next Level

Mar 04, 2020

Let me start by reminding you that it is completely natural for major fear to arise when you are growing into your next level.

Expansion threatens the ego's sense of safety and triggers fear to stop us in our tracks and keep us from leaving our comfort zone. The good news is that Love~Inner Guidance~Highest Self~God always knows how to move through the terror barrier. As long as you let this divine voice lead, you will indeed make it through to the other side.

Because I have been growing into my next level, it is no surprise that fear arose for me. Today, I share my most recent experience moving through a terror barrier. May it support you as you move beyond any fears that arise as you become your next level. 

As you might know, I took a big step into my next level with the creation of my free Become Your Next Level Video Series. If you haven't checked it out, I left behind the coaching hat and opened to purely being a Messenger for Love. The experience of making the videos was absolutely exhilarating. I felt open and available for Love to use me. I felt empty of ego. I received message after message about each essential shift an entrepreneur needs to make in order to be in full alignment with their heart and soul as they grow their business. I was completely surprised by the improvisational songs and poems that came out. I felt personally transformed by the Love that flowed through me and couldn't wait to share that transformation with others.

HOWEVER, when I shared these next level videos on social media, I encountered "haters" leaving harsh negative comments on my posts for the first time. Alongside glowing reviews, I also heard reactions like "the videos made me so uncomfortable that I had to turn them off" and "I watched your video and all I can say is You are sooooooo CRAZY."

My inner nice girl was triggered. She feared everyone would reject her and run away from the crazy lady if I kept letting Love speak its messages through me. She implored that I go back to being more normal. My inner Safety Patrol was on high alert. She was saying it's not safe to be so soul-expressed, so different from the pack. People will turn on you, you'll be alone, and you could even die.

When it came time to step out again as the Messenger of Love on social media (where those same haters scrolled) I felt the fear rise. I wanted to do a FB Live and make up songs and poems for people about Love. But I kept feeling such intense fear. Each day that I avoided doing it the fear grew for the next day's attempt. I avoided it for a whole week and it grew into true terror.

Luckily I know how to tend with these inner parts and move through the terror barrier that precedes my next expansion. One of my favorite ways is by journaling back and forth with my Divine Inner Guidance--Love, God Within, Highest Self. 

Here is a peek at the conversation that moved me through this terror barrier into the expansive place where I am now. 

Human Me: It really brought up terror to improvise on Facebook Live after the negative feedback and haters on my social media. 

Inner Guidance: You asked to be a “Messenger of Love.” You asked Love to use you. You did not ask to deliver a message that everyone would like or that would not ruffle anyone’s feathers. Imagine what 2020 would be like as your year of being the Messenger who is always pleasing and likable-- following the norms and fitting in with the mainstream. 

Human Me: I would get farther away from you, Love. I would not be intimately connected and true to my own heart. I would be immersed in illusion. I would blend in once again like a chameleon. It’s not interesting to me to be like that, but it is SAFE.

Inner Guidance: Yes, it is safe from the human ego perspective. It is a survival tactic to blend in, be unnoticed, be part of the herd, to not rub anyone the wrong way. Until you follow that herd right off the edge of a cliff.

Human Me: Whoa, yes it does seem the human herd is headed for a cliff.

Inner Guidance: So dissenters from the herd might be unpopular, or ridiculed, or even killed, but they are also humanity’s only chance at survival, to turn the herd in a different direction.

Human Me: I am willing to fully embody my next level as the Messenger of Love, Awakening, Joy, Freedom.

Inner Guidance: Well, are you going to let what other people think of you stop you?

Human Me: No, I’m not. But what does it look like to be a Messenger of Love no matter what other people think?

Inner Guidance: It means receiving from your heart as many moments of the day as humanly possible. And giving what you receive as generously as possible. Really it’s that simple. 

Human Me: And how do I not let negative judgements from others stop me?

Inner Guidance: Understand that your allegiance is to your heart. Your allegiance is not to other people liking you. So as long as you are being true to your heart, it does not matter what others think. Whenever anyone thinks something positive or negative about you, let that be a reminder moment to check in and ask: Am I being true to my heart?

Your next level involves stepping out in ways some will love and others won’t like at all. How can you be neutral about this response and instead step out simply because it’s what your heart is calling you to do?

And if you’re truly being a Messenger of Love, stop taking it so personally. If someone resists and critiques your messages, their real resistance is to Love itself. It’s not about you. You’re simply the Messenger. 

Following this Inner Guidance, I created a new (free) facebook group where I will be sharing Live Improvisational Songs, Poems, and Messages for YOU

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Sending Big Love with this SPARK!

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