This Alien Encounter Will Liberate You

Nov 02, 2017

Today's SPARK involves an Alien Encounter and its powerful message to You.

First we meet the Astronaut who bravely left all Earthly comforts on a special mission to the Planet of Rainbows and Unicorns for his first Alien Encounter.

It was a successful Mission indeed. He made it to the Planet of Rainbows and Unicorns where he expressed his concerns about Earth. The Aliens were shocked by his Earthly News. They asked...

Why on Earth do humans not take care of their planet and make the positive changes they desire?

Why on Earth do humans hold back their gifts and live their life without ever making the unique contribution they're designed to make?

Why on Earth do humans get in their own way so much?

Why on Earth do humans have such a hard time remembering who they really are?

Why on Earth are humans scared of their Full Power?

These Aliens had been told that the Earth was the most Powerful Planet--full of abundant Life, each Life Form power-packed with its own unique potential. Yet what they were hearing from this short Astronaut astounded them. Why was Earth not utilizing its Full Power?

The Unicorn-riding Alien felt particularly alarmed.


The Astronaut insisted that Earth needed Rainbows and Unicorns more than ever right now. He knew they could be part of the Solution. The Aliens said, they promised to show up on Earth each time a Human moves beyond what holds them back. Whether in the forest or sky, they vowed to appear each time a Human chooses to offer their gifts fully. They promised to visit Earth in celebration whenever a Human stepped into their Power to make their Unique Contribution.

In the meantime, upon the request of this young astronaut, and with the help of a gravity-defying pen, the Rainbow Alien wrote this message for you...


If you're willing to share, send me a quick reply. I'd love to hear your response to this Alien Encounter. Will you be a Human that brings more Rainbows and Unicorns to Earth as you step into your Full Power?

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