This is how to receive your inspired vision and become the leader you were born to be

Jul 18, 2019

Today I invite you to experience the Freedom of receiving an inspired vision and bringing it into reality, the Freedom of stepping into your greater calling, the Freedom of becoming the leader you were born to be.

In this video, I guide you (and hundreds of rising leaders at The Shift from Fear to Love) in receiving a vision for how you are called to lead in your next chapter of life and work.

Together let's discover...
~ What is your heart calling you to be and do?
~ What does Love want to do through you?
~ How are you called to lead in this next soul-satisfying chapter?

 One of my most satisfying freedoms is the freedom to receive an inspired vision and bring it fully into reality--just like I did with The Shift from Fear to Love. It is exhilarating to let my egoic mind take its hands off the steering wheel and hang out in the back seat, as I receive and trust what my Highest Self~God~Love is asking me to do. It is so exciting to trust my inner guidance as I take one aligned action after another, amid unknown terrain, to bring the vision into reality. It feels so good and soft to surrender my need to control and instead accept that I will discover what's meant to happen next as we go. 

I am so grateful for the freedom I grant myself to grow in the direction of my greater calling to become the leader I was born to be. And I am so grateful for the freedom my business offers me as a platform for the creative expression of my soul.

Do you crave this same Freedom that comes with stepping into your greater calling? Will you grant yourself the Freedom of claiming the next 15 minutes as your sacred time to receive your next inspired leadership vision?


It is such a delight to guide and witness my clients as they tap into their freedom ... to create or re-create the business they are meant to lead, cultivate their freedom to grow in the direction they are called to go, and amplify their freedom as they bring an inspired leadership vision into reality in a way that benefits our world. If you are on this path and you'd like to explore what my coaching support could do to enhance your freedom quest, I offer you a complimentary Visioning Session.

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Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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