This is Who You Are Becoming

Jan 23, 2020

Let's take this moment to pause, connect in with your heart and soul, and ask: Who are you becoming in your next level?

This is the key question I ask my clients before they launch any new business, program, product, service, event, or next level endeavor. It is easy for our mind to outline our desired outcome and income--which are also important aspects of our next level. However, what really brings meaning to your life, inspires your next launch, and catalyzes the growth of your business is knowing on a soul level who you are becoming.

This is a peek at the "Journey of Becoming" that I love guiding soulful entrepreneurs through...

So what is your Soul's Next Level Expression?
This is who you are becoming.

I invite you to look at the year ahead --and the vision you imagine bringing into reality-- as a rite of passage into your next level. And imagine that through this rite of passage, you are growing, healing, awakening, evolving, and BECOMING. 

There have been times in my life where I was...
becoming True Power
becoming a Divine Queen
becoming Rooted
becoming Love.

There have been clients I supported who were...
becoming a Confidently Visible Expert
becoming a Truth Warrior
becoming a Luminous Shaman
becoming a Mystic Psychologist.

Right now, I am becoming a Messenger of Love, Awakening, Joy, Freedom, and Laughter. And my rite of passage into becoming this next level Messenger involved creating this New FREE Video Series: Become Your Next Level.

And you? Go ahead and name who you are becoming in this year ahead. Know that your upcoming launch will serve as a rite of passage in becoming this next level you. And trust that this journey of becoming is what makes any and all income and outcomes feel soul satisfying. 

  • Tune into your Inner Guidance and ask:
    How am I ready to exponentially GROW as I launch my vision this year?

  • Tune into your Heart and ask:
    Into what next stage ~ phase ~ evolution ~ identity ~ chapter ~ level are you calling me?

  • Tune into your Soul and ask:
    What is your next level expression? 

  • Ask your Inner Guidance to give you a meaningful name for your upcoming launch and the rite of passage of the coming months, that speaks to the next level you are becoming: 
    I am becoming  ________________.

If you're ready to receive my support in becoming this Next Level You, then dive into my free video series, "Become Your Next Level," today.

In the course of an hour (or 5 minutes a day for 12 days) you will:

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If you are on the journey of becoming your next level while launching your 2020 vision this year, I invite you to receive these inspired messages as my whole-hearted gift. 

Sending you Big Love in these Big Times!

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