Jul 02, 2019

I want to offer you a chance to experience WHO YOU TRULY ARE, alongside the audience of awakening leaders and soulful entrepreneurs that attended "The Shift from Fear to Love" Live Event last March.  

In this four minute video clip from our four hour transformational event, we go beyond our constructed identities defined by your name, title, career, roles, hardships, and successes, to experience your true identity.

Watch the video below to tap into your own experience of knowing who you truly are.

The day after leading The Shift from Fear to Love Live Event, it was clear--there is a book that wants to be written through me. Although I have never wanted to prioritize writing a book, I suddenly feel a full Yes. My job now is to make space to listen, receive, and write the words. Here are the very first 365 words I received. So curious what is to come in this inspired book-writing journey...

The first 365 words of "The Shift from Fear to Love" Book...

"You are on the precipice of understanding something essential. The only shift needed is one from fear to love. Every time. The paradigm you’ve been living in is based on a foundation of fear that is starting to crumble beneath you. It’s time to discover your ultimate stability, your ultimate security, your ultimate safety, your ultimate foundation—and that is love.

It’s funny how the very thing we are made of can escape our mind’s perception. It’s funny how something entirely fabricated can captivate our mind’s sense of reality. It’s time to see beyond the illusions that your life is made upon. It’s time to see clearly through the lens of love.

I’m here to receive this book on behalf of all of us who need it right now. I’m here because this book asked me to write it. I’m here because I’m devoted to following through with whatever Love asks me to do.

So Love, I ask, what do you want to say through me?

Love says:

Your heart is that of an angel. I want you to let its wings fly wide open so I may pour through. I’m here with the truth. And it may sound harsh at times—which is unexpected when coming from Love. Yet sometimes our world needs tough love, and now is such a time. Every inch of our globe is covered in fear. There is a rampant outbreak of contagious lethal fear mongering. There is an urgent crisis of disconnection from love. There is a solution so simple that it appears impossible. It is no small task to speak truth that sounds trite to those caught in the complexity of the human mind. It is no small task to swim upstream and ask others to follow. It is no small task to speak that which is not yet able to be seen and proven and therefore invokes swarms of doubt and critique. And yet I’m asking you to do this now.

And so reader, here we go, upstream together. Let’s both find out what Love is calling us to do. The first step for me is to receive and write this book.”

What is your first step?

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