This Leads to Everything Your Heart Desires

Jan 30, 2020

Today, let's ensure that everything you Launch in 2020 is aligned with your heart + soul. Because alignment leads to everything your heart desires.

If your launch is out of alignment, you end up doing a whole lot of work while feeling completely unsatisfied. Instead of soul satisfaction, you end up feeling burned out, empty, void of purpose, disconnected, and soul-suppressed. On top of your personal dissatisfaction, the world never gets to experience the best of what you could offer if you truly stepped into alignment with your greater calling and did what is yours to do at this time. This is why alignment is so important.

What clarity do you have so far about what you are Launching in 2020?

In last week's eZine, you clarified who you are becoming in the year ahead. So now we're ready to focus in on what you're launching in 2020. Remember, your upcoming launch will be the rite of passage catalyst for you to BECOME your next level.

When I work with my clients in Joy of Launching or provide coaching support to my private clients, we clarify the 8 aspects of a Joyful Launch outlined below. And then I support them to use this holistic clarity to intuitively map out their launch and follow their map to experience their launch as a rite of passage into becoming their next level. 

Take this moment to journal about what you are launching this year. See what clarity you already have in the 8 aspects of a Joyful Launch outlined above.

Then, with this clarity as a starting place, let's see what needs to shift in order for everything you launch to be fully aligned and exactly what you're meant to offer into the world at this time. This shift, whether slight or massive, is what prevents you from the dissatisfaction that a misaligned launch brings.

Before you launch, make sure you make these 10 Essential Shifts.

Take this moment to journal about any ways your current vision and approach to launching is characterized by the egoic aspects listed on the left side of the above "Ten Essential Shifts" graphic.

If you uncovered any ego-driven aspects to your launch, this is your time to shift these remnants of mind-led, fear-driven, burn-out prone, strategically formulaic and pushing-until-empty approaches to launching ... to a way of launching that is love-fueled, soul-expressed, heart-led, purpose driven, spirited and joyful.

This is where I light up, because shifting is what I love to do. Transformation, liberation, evolution, midwifing death-rebirth, awakening--this is where I come alive in supporting entrepreneurs and leaders. And Love is the key to it all. So let's shift together!

Take this moment to journal about your shifted-into-alignment, most inspired vision and approach to your 2020 launch, characterized by the spirit-led aspects listed on the right side of the "10 Essential Shifts" graphic.

Already you have activated the alignment of your upcoming launch. If you want to go deeper and be fully supported in these shifts, ensuring you are soulfully prepared to launch, make sure you take advantage of the free video series, "Become Your Next Level."

In the course of an hour (or 5 minutes a day for 12 days) you will: 

  • Experience the 10 Essential Shifts that will change the trajectory of all you launch and how you & your biz grow in the next year.
  • Receive 10 messages straight from Love through me to you ... that are here to support you in becoming your next level.

If you are on the journey of becoming your next level while launching your 2020 vision this year, I invite you to receive these inspired messages as my whole-hearted gift. 

Sending Big Love today, with a SPARK! 

P.S. Remember, alignment leads to everything your heart desires. Take this moment to choose to shift into alignment before you launch anything this year. Enjoy our free video series right now at


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