This Map Leads to Your Next Level

Feb 06, 2020

Today, I invite you to map a path to your next level as we open the doors to Joy of Launching!

If you have been following along lately with us, you've tapped into:
1. Who you're becoming in your next level.
2. What you're called to launch this year in full alignment with your heart and soul.

Joy of Launching 
offers you the nourishing next step with a 1-month support immersion to become your next level as you launch in the way that works for your Soul. Instead of dread, struggle, and fear, let your marketing launch awaken your next level of joy, love, freedom, and abundance. This is the Joy of Launching way.

A traditional approach to your marketing launch will burn you out at exactly the time you're ready to bring your light. It's time to master the art of the soulful business launch. 

Join us in shifting your way of launching...from mind-led, fear-constricting, burn-out prone, illness-inducing, formulaic and empty… to a way of launching that is soul-expressed, heart-led, purpose-driven, joyful, and fueled by self-trust.

If you are launching something amazing in the next 6 months,
 and you know that it's going to usher you into your next level, make sure you check out Joy of Launching and take advantage of Early Bird registration.

My Inner Guided Launch Map...
and how it led me to this moment with YOU:

See the #7 on the bottom corner of the purple & blue stage with four hearts? That's exactly where we are together on this Launch Map that has been guiding my life and work for the past months. I have been walking (jogging, skipping, hiking, dancing, improvising, manifesting, transforming, liberating, healing, playing, serving, taking aligned action, and creating) my way down the yellow path which started at the bottom left of the whole map and ends in flight --taking off right here at #7-- as I become the embodiment of my next level.

From a business perspective, this Inner Guided Launch Map led me through each work day, 
each creation (such as the Become Your Next Level video series I'm offering for free right now), and each new program launch--like Joy of Launching which is opening its doors right now for you.

From a personal perspective, this Inner Guided Launch Map led me through a rite of passage experience 
into becoming a "Messenger of Love" (my guiding phrase for 2020) who embodies heart-led freedom of the soul. Each symbol along the path inspired powerful actions to grow me and my business into our next level expression.

Press play to hear Joy of Launching graduates share their experience and encourage you to take the leap to launch in the way that works for your Soul.

If you are on the journey of becoming your next level while launching something amazing in 2020, I invite you into Joy of Launching

And before we part, a Love reminder for you...

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
If you'd like my support, sign up for a Connection Call to discover if we'd both LOVE being on the journey together.