Transform I CAN'T to I CAN in the Most Natural Way

May 21, 2019

I'm here today to encourage your transformation from I CAN'T to I CAN in the most natural way.  (Press play to receive this inspired message from the woods.)


Transforming I CAN’T to I CAN in the most natural way. from Jessica Chilton on Vimeo.


If you feel like YOU CAN’T do it, this one’s for you. Like you, I've encountered that inner voice that says "I can't create it. I can't go after that dream. I can't figure it out. I can't succeed. I can't do it like others can."

And this message is also for you if you’re trying so hard to PROVE YOU CAN, with all that ego pushing, striving, over-working, competing, and over-achieving. I've been there and done that too--straight A's, Duke grad, building the biz that others said would bring the most success, and burning out from working too hard.

In this video I share some of my I CAN'T moments in order to bring compassionate awareness to yours. From being the baby of the family, witnessing my sister's suicide, or experiencing 10 years of auto-immune illness, I see how the I CAN'T belief grew stronger within me each time I was consumed by my human experience, forgetting who I really am.

And now I’m in a whole different paradigm. I remember who I am.

Now I live my life and run my business from this place of knowing “I can because I am.” My sense of confidence, capacity, capability, and security comes from knowing who I am. Because I know that I am God~Love~Universe~Consciousness expressing itself through this human form, I am rooted in my true power. From here I can create, I can go for my dreams, I can bring inspired visions into reality, I can move through any challenge, I can step beyond fear, and I can say yes to my greater calling. And, I can even do it without ego in the lead--without pushing, striving, proving, over-working and burning out. And sure, sometimes I forget! But I always remember soon again.


I am so grateful for how I have lived through the transformation of I CAN'T to I CAN. And now may my message from the woods add encouragement to this transformation in you.



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