Trust Yourself in These Troubling Times

Oct 13, 2017

Today's SPARK calls out through wildfires blazing, hurricanes devastating, humans crazy-making, atrocities head-lining...and asks you to trust yourself in these troubling times.

As I sat down to write about staying connected with your truest self during difficult times, I immediately thought of Marilyn, an amazing woman who recently graduated from my SHINE Private Coaching Program.

Marilyn's journey back into connection with her Heart and Inner Guidance is what so many of us are needing amidst the current turmoil of our world. When our mind is freaking out, fears arise and anxiety elevates. When we shift our attention from our mind to our heart, and shift our focus from outer instability to inner guidance, we can find our sure-footing again.

So today, Marilyn gave me permission to share her words and images with you. May they call you back home to yourself. May they remind you to tap into your inner guidance as you navigate the unknown. May they inspire you to let your heart take the lead.

This image emerged as Marilyn was coming to know her Inner Guide.

"In my 1-month SHINE Expansive Private Coaching Program, I found myself again. Instead of always doing, I made space for being--being me, being relaxed, being present, being joyful, and being free.

With Jessica's heartfelt and thoughtful way of creating this personal journey, I was able to heal the little booboos I had inadvertently inflicted upon myself through the years. Instead of always letting my Mind dominate, I made space to reconnect with my own Heart. It was a moving experience to feel my feelings and express my heart through my artistic creations. I'm excited to keep creating my heArtwork now that I am letting my Heart lead the way.

The SHINE Expansive helped me to access loving strength from my own inner guide. Now I trust myself to live through any troubling times.

I am filled with tearful gratitude for the opportunity of fully participating in this process. I encourage you to find yourself again as you engage in The Shine Expansive experience with Jessica."

~ Marilyn Traeger

P.S. If you feel ready to set your true self free, let your heart take the lead, become confidently inner-guided, and clarify the positive contribution you want to make in the world now... I have an opening for my SHINE Private Coaching Program--the same one Marilyn did. I invite those who want the more customized experience of Private Coaching to connect with me through a complimentary Visioning Session. .

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