Unleash the Work You Are Designed to Do

Jan 25, 2017

Today's SPARK comes to light a fire in you on a day that is deeply infused with courage, liberation, and making dreams real.

I began the day watching "I Have a Dream" with my 3-year old son. We talked about MLK Jr. and freedom, respect, and love for all people. He asked questions like: Did people not feel Free? How do people not feel free? We talked about the inauguration of our next President. And we worked on our signs for the Women's March on Asheville. He said he wanted his sign to say: "I am Oskar and I care for all people on the planet." (And on the back side he wanted to write: "I love my Mama and I care about all Women...and Mama.")

After this kind of morning I am feeling fired up. I know exactly how I want to spend this inspired day and historic week. I want to lead in my own way. I want to make the contribution that I can make.

So, starting today at 4pm, I am leading a 5-day challenge called: "Unleash the work you are designed to do." I will guide you through 5 liberating acts to move beyond fear to say Yes to your greater calling.

If you are someone who feels called to make a unique contribution AND you have been holding yourself back, I made this for you. So if you haven't already signed up, please do.

Today is already infused with the spirit of Claiming Your Dream.

I dare you to say Yes today, to the truth that ... You Have a Dream.

Sign up to join us in this free "Unleash the work you are designed to do" 5-Day Challenge at www.JessicaChiltonSPARK.com. You will receive access at 4pm today to our online Homebase where I will lead you via audio/guidebook through our first liberating act. In 30 minutes a day for 5 days, you will experience newfound clarity, freedom, and purpose. If you have already signed up, I'm so excited to experience this momentous week together.

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