Valuing Yourself Enough to Make Your Dream Real

Jul 26, 2017

Today's SPARK is here to inspire you to value yourself enough to make your dream real.

Take a moment to ask yourself:

* Am I telling myself I'm not good enough to make my dream a reality?

* Am I telling myself it is too indulgent to go after my dream rather than tending to everyone else's needs? 

* Am I afraid of how others might judge me if I go after my dream? 

* Am I spending too much time on things that drain me instead of putting that energy towards the joy of creating my dream? 

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I believe you will resonate with Katie Dewit's story that she wrote after graduating from The SHINE Expansive Private Coaching Program. I often like to share client stories, not just to celebrate what they have accomplished in our time together, but also to inspire others to imagine what is possible in their own life. Let's see how Katie's story might be a catalyst for the next chapter of yours:

"When I began working with Jessica I wanted to explore the part of myself that has dreamed of being a Painter.  I was frustrated because I wanted to be painting regularly and wondered what was keeping me from actually painting other than a lack of time. This is what we figured out:  I thought it was indulgent to spend my time in such an enjoyable way. I put my families needs before my own. I was prioritizing my other responsibilities.   I was afraid of what others would think of my paintings and of me.  Fear was freezing me, I was afraid I wasn't good enough. 

With Jessica's help, I easily shed these fears and I had this realization: "I am who I am, I am how I am, I am where I am, (as a painter and as a person)."   Now I am not afraid of being judged. Instead I just want to be myself and paint!  This coaching program helped me take my time back and focus more energy on what I really want to do.  I no longer put every one else's needs before mine, I have found time each day to paint and I have let go of tasks that don't align with my intention to be a Painter. 

Through the SHINE Expansive program, I've discovered that I have more to offer than I realized. I have rediscovered what drives me and what I love to do and I have become more confident and experimental in my painting. I have let go of doing things "the right way" and discovered how to let loose, trust my intuition,  paint whatever I want, and create what only I can create.  

"I see myself as a Painter and now when asked what I do or how I spend my time I say "I'm a Painter!"  I have created a Painting Studio in my home, where I paint almost every day. I'm taking steps to sell my paintings and to one day show them.  I get so much satisfaction and I'm more content and happy than ever. " 

~ Katie Dewit, Painter

Although your dream might not be to Paint, how can you let this story inspire your full PERMISSION to create what only you can your life and in your work? How can you let this story enCOURAGE you to move beyond the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back? How can you let this story incite you to ENJOY expressing your unique gifts?

If Katie's story inspires you to value your dream enough to make it real, I'd love to support you along the way.   Simply sign up for a free Visioning Session with me to discover your next soul-satisfying chapter that exists on the other side of fear. I would love supporting you in the liberating process of getting from here to there.   

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