Walking Through Fear & Wearing a Tutu on TV

Sep 06, 2016

Last week I found myself wearing a TuTu, leaping and spinning through the streets of downtown Asheville, feeling incredibly Alive, Joyful, and Liberated in my True Self expression! I was doing a Photo Shoot in celebration of another amazing SHINE Expansive coming to a close, and in honor of "Love, Liberate & Launch"  9-month Coaching Program beginning soon.

This week, I was asked to perform an improvisational piece on TV as a promotion for TEDx (where I'll be performing this Saturday).

As TV Day approached, good ole Fear was talking louder and louder as it imagined me showing up to the station in my TuTu ready to improvise from my heart.

When I stopped to listen, Fear said: "You are used to offering your gifts to people who already like you-- people who have signed up because they want what you offer. But now you are going to offer your gifts on TV to thousands of people who have not asked to receive them. It is not safe to be yourself, and improvise from your heart, and wear your TuTu, in front of strangers who might not like you. What if they don't want to hear what you have to say? What if they make fun of you with the person sitting next to them on the couch? What if they just think you're a tutu wearing freak?!"

It was interesting to sit with these Fears and realize that if I followed Fear's advice I should only express myself in 'Safe' places where I can control my Audience enough to know that they will never judge me negatively. Hmmmmmmm. That sure doesn't sound like a path of liberation!

I quickly realized that in order to continue on my path of liberating myself and my gifts, I also need to liberate my growing audience to judge me however they choose--positively or negatively. When I give others permission to judge, then I give myself permission to Be Me in front of anyone or everyone! How freeing is that?!

So yes, that is exactly how I was able to befriend Fear, say Thank You for wanting to protect me, and let it know that I am ready to expand beyond its controlling gates. I am ready to be more visible, more expressed, more me...no matter what others think. And that is exactly how I was able to walk into this TV station and have some fun improvising in my TuTu.

Click here to watch our 2 minutes on TV.

Improvising on TV with the wonderful singer songwriter, Asher Leigh!

What would change if you gave people full permission to judge you however they choose? What would you give yourself permission to do, to be, to wear, to express, if you no longer let fear of negative judgment stop you?

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