Warning: coming out of hiding can bring your dream into reality

Aug 20, 2019

Today I want to illuminate what is possible when you come out of hiding, claim your worthiness, and visibly offer the gifts you were born to give. Warning: It just might lead to realizing the dream you've been sitting on for years. 

Ginger Huebner will soon be graduating from my Love Liberate Launch program. Not only did I recently had the deep delight of witnessing her Beyond Words exhibit--which represents a big milestone on her journey of coming out of hiding as the artist she truly is, but the discerning population of Western North Carolina also applauded Ginger’s talent by voting her Best Painter/Illustrator in the region!

Today I want to joyously celebrate Ginger's tremendous successes and transformative change over the course of our work together - and so this week the spotlight is on Ginger and how her soul has been inspired to help others Create + Connect while working with organizations and people from all walks of life.

Here is Ginger’s story in her own words. I am so excited for you to meet this creative, inspiring leader!

“Before I began the Love Liberate Launch program I couldn’t even talk about my own artwork or desires as an artist without breaking down in tears with such deep emotion and fear pouring out simultaneously. It would be like a flood every time, so of course I would avoid it and keep it tightly packed up inside.

After this program I have crossed over into fully claiming my worthiness as an artist in this world, celebrating my works, challenging myself to new ways of sharing (like preaching a sermon at All Souls), and feeling all full of joy - not fear - of who I am and what I am truly meant to be doing.

The combination of Jessica’s Love Liberate Launch curriculum guidebook and one-on-one coaching is brilliant.  The calls become an offering…a celebration…and a mirror of things you may not realize are getting in your own way.  AND for me, it was an accountability that was highly worth it. Life is busy and sometimes so busy that we let our own dreams just fly on out the window.  I am so thankful that I was able to pull mine back in and harness my vision… now on its way to its fullest realization.

Over the course of our work together on the Love Liberate Launch journey, I have learned to see the value in what I offer through my gifts as an artist...which allows me to truly proclaim that I AM an artist (not just an educator, or mom, or wife). From this deep knowing of my worthiness as an Artist, I created offerings and pricing that reflects the value of my gifts.

My Create + Connect process represents the heart of what I was born to do in the world. Through a Create + Connect collaborative session, participants create visual translations (using collage and chalk) that engage and nourish their spirits, share their personal experiences, and explore or reflect on life’s pivotal moments. 

Beyond working with individuals, this process can help further the mission of organizations that provide for basic human needs: food, water, shelter, safety in the world. I love reading about and seeing images of the finished products of many of these missions, but also find myself yearning to know more about the people who are on the receiving end of these projects: their stories, their dreams, their hearts.

The Create + Connect process for nonprofit organizations provides an authentic connection to the humans at the center of the work. It offers a reflection of a nonprofit team’s process - pulling together all hands and hearts that were a part of providing the support AND receiving it - bringing the community served and those that work to support the mission of service closer together. My vision is to build collections together. Collections that share visions of stories that can connect us all - witnessing and celebrating our common humanity. One story at a time. 

The fruits of the Create + Connect process were highlighted in Asheville this summer, in an art installation titled Beyond Words, an exhibit of collaborative self-portraits co-authored with twenty individuals of different economic, social, political and religious backgrounds.

Through this Beyond Words exhibit, I am calling viewers to engage, to connect, to be present, to be compassionate, to be awake, to listen, to recognize that our differences are worth celebrating, and that all stories are worth telling. 

Jessica’s program and one-on-one coaching helped me work through my resistance to putting myself out there. Now I am simply doing it. And what I've discovered is that it is a JOY to put my art out into the world.”

~Ginger Huebner

I'm so grateful to be able to support Ginger and so many other creative soulful entrepreneurs as they come out of hiding, claim their worthiness, value their gifts, and bring their inspired business vision into reality.  If you are ready for your own journey, and would like to receive my coaching support along the way, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session.

May you tap into your freedom to be who you are and do what you're meant to do--stepping beyond fear to bring your gifts to those who will benefit and your dream fully into reality. 





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