What Chapter Has to End for Your New One to Begin

Dec 18, 2017

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Today's SPARK builds on last week's message of Completion and asks: What chapter is ready to end in your life and work in order for your new one to begin?

December is the time for us to complete, cleanse and clear the way for a New Year and a new chapter that we are now ready to write.

As you consider which chapter is ending, I want to take it to the next level. And yes, amidst the holly jolly caroling, I'm gonna bring up death.

Heading into Winter Solstice, the longest dark night of the year, I encourage you to bring your attention to whatever is ready to 'die'... within you or your life. And do whatever is needed to Let It Go. 

Now I'm not talking about ripping anything out of your life or your inner world that is not ready to be naturally released. I'm simply asking you to shed the snake skin you have already outgrown.

I remember the moment when I realized my chapter of focusing on chronic illness was ready to end. The illness part of my own identity was ready to die and I shed it like a snake skin. The death I needed to experience externally was the letting go of all aspects of my business that focused on helping people navigate chronic illness. I literally deleted every program, webpage, ebook, and marketing material related to chronic illness, that I had poured months and years into creating. That part of me and my business was ready to die. It had to be completed and cleared out in order to make space for what was to come next....the new chapter.

So what is it for you that is ready to die? What chapter is ready to end so the new one can begin? 

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If you know 2018 is going to be a Positively Pivotal Year in your life and you're ready to welcome the transformation, liberation, and creation that is coming your way, I am here to walk alongside you into the exciting (and perhaps frightening) unknown of your new chapter.

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