What If They Won't Like You?

May 23, 2019

I am here to encourage your liberation from needing to be liked so that you can fully express your soul in exactly the way you are called to lead.  (Press play to hear my personal message meant to inspire liberation for you and me both!)


You don’t have to like me. from Jessica Chilton on Vimeo.

As conscious entrepreneurs and awakening leaders, we need to be willing to repel billions to attract the hundreds, thousands, or millions we're meant to serve.

We are choosing to let our soul be expressed visibly in the world. We are choosing to let our Divinity~Love~God~Spiritual Truth speak right through us. This is going to send some people running!

Because our society is more aligned with ego, fear, and mental constructs, our spiritual truths can often look or sound wierd-freaky-absurd to others in the mainstream. To be able to be the awakening Leaders that we are in this world, we have to move beyond that egoic concern for how others might negatively judge us.

If you notice yourself holding back for fear that others won't like what you have to say, sing, do, or offer, this video is for you. This is my own act of liberation as I feel I am going through yet another 'coming out' as the spiritual leader I have become. I offer this video to all soulful entrepreneurs and awakening leaders, evoking freedom from needing others to like us, approve of us, or even find value in what we offer. We are uniquely designed to serve SPECIFIC people...not everyone.

With this freedom, we can fully step in, speak up, sing out, and act in alignment with however we're being called to lead.

"You Don't Have to Like Me" 
~click to hear this improvisational song that emerged in today's video~

You don't have to like me.
You don't have to think I'm cool.
You don't have to think what I'm saying 
is anything for you.

It's okay if you go running.
It's okay if you say I'm a freak.
I'm the only one 
that needs 
to trust what it is that I speak.

No, you don't have to approve.
You don't have to think I've got something for you.
You don't have to like the pitch of my song.
When I'm with God I can't go wrong.

No, you don't have to like me,
that's one thing I know is true.
There is so much love inside of me,
so much love for me and you.

Beyond every judgment, 
we can see right through
to the core of our humanity
to the divinity in you.

No, you don't have to like me,
Not one bit, not a whole lot, not even at all.
No, you don't have to like me
but I'm not gonna stay small.

For I've got God running through me,
through my eyes, through my heart.
And there's no stopping me 
from singing my soul's art.

So you are free to be you
and I respect the way you are.
And I am free to be me
and to let everybody see.

Sending you big love with this SPARK!


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*photo credit Erica Mueller Photography

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