What Is My Heart Calling Me to Do

Jul 28, 2015

How do you free yourself to be yourself? 

One simple way is to pay attention to what your heart is calling you toward in a particular moment and practice saying YES to that calling. 

Today I invite you to notice any and all inspired inner impulses that whisper, nudge, and call to you throughout the day. I also invite you to notice any little or big ways that you wet blanket these inspired impulses with social conditioning, fears, or other self-limitations. 

There are countless moments in my past where I have said No to the urgings of my Heart. I find it exhilarating to be on the path of saying Yes more and more. 

I was hiking in Switzerland last week with my family and suddenly I had the inspired impulse to venture off the path into this wide open expanse and do this...

Saying Yes to my heart's calling in this moment meant experiencing my own 
Sound of Music Maria Moment!
As a result I (and the hills) felt ALIVE and Free.

This 'Say Yes to Now' practice is one of the ways you can free yourself to be yourself.  

If you desire a life where you feel free to be your truest self, then use each present moment as a practice ground for your freedom.  

In any moment today, ask yourself:  What is my heart calling me to do, say, act, be, express, choose, share, decide, give, receive, experience, or risk right Now? 

Listen. And say YES.

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