When Work Is Liberating, There Is Nothing to Hide

Jan 16, 2018

Today's SPARK invites you to envision your work as the platform for your liberation.

In my latest interview I share why Your Freedom has become my passion. I also clearly explain the ways I can help you create the soul-satisfying work and purposeful business that sets you free to be who you really are. When your work is liberating, there is nothing to hide!

FemCity Interviews Jessica Chilton SPARK

If you resonate with what I share in this interview, I'd love to connect with you. Choose one of these next liberating steps in the direction of your soul-satisfying work.

1. If you know you are ready for investing in support for your next year of transformation, liberation, and purposeful creation, I offer you a free one-on-one Visioning Session. We'll clarify where you are now, focus in on the challenges you're ready to move beyond, and activate the vision of your next chapter. Then I'll connect the dots between here and there and how I can support you along the way.

2. If you want to experience my coaching for yourself before investing in a longer-term program, I invite you into my 5-day mini-course for free. "Unleash the Work You're Designed to Do" offers such a concrete 'Before and After'. In 30 min/day for 5 days you will:

  • clarify what you're called to do
  • see the fear that is standing in the way
  • be guided to courageously move beyond that fear
  • feel an authentic 'Yes' to moving forward with the work you're uniquely designed to do.

You and your friends can access "Unleash the Work You're Designed to Do" right now FOR FREE by signing up at the top of my HomePage: www.JessicaChiltonSPARK.com

Joining Together in this Mission... Would you also like to help other people move beyond fear and toward love so that they can say Yes to their greater calling and make their unique contribution?

I am open to your inspired ideas for how we can collaborate in this mission.(Forwarding this eZine to your friends is one way, but you might have more expansive ideas!) Please hit reply and let me know. When one person moves beyond fear to say YES to their greater calling we all benefit. Their liberation is our liberation. And their contribution is needed for the good of our world.


P.S. I'm grateful that this article is resonating with so many of you. If you haven't read it yet, here's the link to "The Business That Will Set You Free,"(featured in WNC Woman this month). It has your liberation written all over it!



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