When you die, do you know what will matter most?

Sep 19, 2019

Today I invite you to touch into death with me, in order to enliven your life and work.

Yes, I am re-emerging from a time of intimacy with death and letting go. We have walked alongside my mother-in-law, Joann, on her 3-year journey with metastasized cancer, relishing in each and every "Gramma" moment along the way. In this last month, care-taking at her home turned into hospital visits turned into family camp-outs at hospice turned into our final graveside goodbye. And from this sweet and sorrowful time, I am here with you re-awakened to the preciousness of this life.

So I ask you...How will you make the most of this precious life? I invite you to turn inward and clarify what is most important to you--making your own proclamations, intentions, and commitments. 

At this moment I am clear. To make the most of my precious life...
~ I treasure my loved ones with full Presence.
~ I grow into my Greatest Calling.
~ I express my Soul fully.
~ I embody my Divinity.
~ I appreciate the optimal health of my Body.
~ I create my Inner-Guided life and business aligned with freedom, love and joy.
~ I shift our world from fear to Love, one liberated leader at a time.

What do you take a stand for with your precious life? What are you committed to as you experience each day? When death comes, what will matter most about the life you lived?

May Joann inspire all of us to make any pivots we need to make, let go of anything mis-aligned, clear out the clutter and the busy and the distractions, and do not put off for later what we desire to be and do today.

In closing, I wish to share sweet Joann Mariani with you through this poem I wrote and read graveside last week as we said our final goodbye...as tears flow now I am intimately aware of how much ‘Gramma’ will be missed.

"Joann Is"

Joann is
Such a sweet woman.
Twizzler Jar and Apple Pie.

Joann is
Oliver love
Everyday with her Ollie cat boy.

Joann is
Manna volunteer
Steadfast Loyal.
Showing up 
Helping out
Purpose & Joy.

Joann is
Baby holding
Book reading
Milestone sharing
Birthday celebrating
1st day of preschool walking
Family dinner gathering
Soccer practice cheering
Kindergarten graduating
Swimming pool watching
1st grade big boy-ing.

Joann is
Patriots football 
Pack’s Tavern
Mother son bonding
America’s Got Talent
Comfy couch tv watching

Joann is 
Crossword Puzzles
Every morning
Midday naps
After Nook Reading
Calling it a night
After chardonnay drinking

Joann is
Cancer warrior
Chemo bearing
Fatigue enduring
Cute wig wearing
Fighting spirit.

Joann is
Self-sufficient solo-ist
One step at a timer
Fall down and get back up
Feel down and chin back up
Determined onward.

Joann is final days
Surrendered to no more plays
Napping in sunshine of our love
Slowing down until the last breath comes.

Joann is
Our hearts
Together Times.
Freedom beyond all that binds.
Our love
Our genes
Our connection
Our grief 
Our delight.

Lives on
In our light.

May you dare to make the most of this precious life.

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