When You're out of Alignment, This Happens...

Sep 18, 2018
Today's Spark asks you if you're aligned or mis-aligned with your biz creation efforts, in a healthy or dysfunctional relationship with money, and clinging to or letting go of the old chapter that is ready to close. Rather than running the other way, let's see clearly, and grow from there! Take this time to come back into alignment with love and liberation, so that you can most ease-fully create soul-satisfying success. 
Lately, I have been enjoying a variety of interview experiences and each one is entirely different. Last week's Spiritual Entrepreneur interview elicited my most intimate and powerful sharing of my personal story. This week's 'Ready Set Grit' interview with Elin Barton, focused more on inciting wake-ups and offering practical take-aways for rising entrepreneurs who want to effectively move toward soul-satisfying success. 
First off, you can  skip my personal story-- I told it much more powerfully in last week's interview hereI recommend that you start listening at  11:36, where we explore the three words "Love," "Liberate" and "Launch" and take an honest look at what happens for soulful entrepreneurs when they are aligned vs misaligned in these areas. This is your time to raise your awareness and re-align as you clarify...
  • What happens when you are not aligned with love while you create your business?
  • What happens when you're not liberated to be fully yourself, and you're building your business from fear, ego, and other people's 'shoulds'?
  • What happens when you're trying to launch your business from everyone else's formula rather than your own inner guidance?
At  17:08, Elin pointedly asks me about Money. I share how the health of our
relationship with Money is essential in the entrepreneurial journey and I dramatize typical dysfunctional patterns I see between soulful entrepreneurs and Money and how to start shifting them. This is your time re-commit to a healthy relationship with Money as you discover...
  • What dysfunction is active in your relationship with Money?
  • If Money is a person in an intimate partnership with you and you find yourself in a Couple's Counseling session together, what is the dynamic between the two of you?
At  22:19, I share two success stories from my most recent graduates of Love Liberate Launch and how, after following courage instead of fear, these soulful entrepreneurs are now leading their own unique and successful businesses. One client is attracting clients who pay tens of thousands of dollars for her valuable services and another is filling her specialized classes with 70 ideal clients on the first try. This story-telling brought up so much love within me as my clients truly light me up and I hope their success inspires your courageous ability to leap towards your own.
I wrap up the interview at minute 26:43 with a healthy dose of gratitude, appreciating where you are (even when it feels really REALLY challenging) on your business journey.  The final message I share is for you if you feel like the current chapter in your life needs to close before you can begin your next more satisfying one. I love supporting clients through the death of the old chapter, so I was grateful to speak right into the listeners heart about the courageous letting go that happens for soulful entrepreneurs before we can birth anew. Enjoy!

If you're ready for an aligned path of biz creation that transforms your relationship with money and shapes your next chapter of soul-satisfying success, join us in Love Liberate Launch --our year-long soulful business coaching program that begins Oct 1st.   If you would love to receive personalized weekly support throughout the next year as you create the business you were born to lead, make sure you schedule your complimentary Visioning Session. During this session, we'll talk through your challenges, desires, and visions for the coming year as well as how the Love Liberate Launch journey can offer the support that would nourish you most. 
P.S.  If you're more into emotionally intimate interviews, you might prefer last week's about my journey from powerlessness to True Power. It's a perfect one to listen to while you're on a walk... I f you ever wonder what good can come from the trauma, pain, depression, illness, or loss in your life, I'm sending love to you as I share this story. If you're on the path of wanting to learn to trust yourself and reclaim your true power, I hope this inspires you onward. And if you're a spirited creative entrepreneur, I have a feeling this interview will help you create the business you were born to lead.
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