Whoa, This Is Intimate

Sep 10, 2018
Today's Spark shares my most intimate interview around my journey from powerlessness to True Power.  I f you ever wonder what good can come from the trauma, pain, depression, illness, or loss in your life, I'm sending love to you as I share this story. If you're on the path of wanting to learn to trust yourself and reclaim your true power, I hope this inspires you onward. And if you're a spirited creative entrepreneur, I have a feeling this interview will help you create the business you were born to lead.
Caution: You Might Be Moved in Life-Altering Ways 
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Because this feels like the most intimate and powerful interview I have ever experienced I'd love for its message to reach all those meant to hear it. Could you please forward this eZine to anyone in your circle that might Thank You for sharing it with them?
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