Will You Choose Extraordinary Over Ordinary?

Oct 24, 2019

Today I hope to inspire those that prefer extraordinary over ordinary, creative over formulaic, spirited over strategic, wonder over routine, awakening over burning out, and love-fueled over fear-driven.

A wonderful group of talented entrepreneurs has gathered for the inaugural Joy of Launching 1-month launch lab — spanning from artist, to holistic physical therapist, to spiritual psychologist, to social worker, to postpartum doula, to organizational consultant. And I have the deep delight of supporting their next launch in a way that satisfies their soul.

As we venture through this month-long experience together, there are some things I know for sure:

We are not going to launch in any ordinary way. No way, no how. We are going to launch in a inspired and extraordinary way.

We're not going to launch anything to prove that our ego is awesome. Nope. We are launching that which our heart is calling us to offer in a way that our soul wants to grow.

We are not following templates, formulas, and strategies and going bonkers in the meantime. That simply does not sound Fun. Instead we're going to turn launching into an adventure, an awakening, an experience of abundance.

We're not hustling to meet our income goals. Rather we're going to BECOME the next level of who we're meant to be and let our desires become our reality as a natural consequence of our inner growth.

I can't wait to see the Inner Guided Launch Maps that each participant will draw in the first week of the program. And then, even more thrilling, I can't wait for them to experience the wonder, curiosity, surprise, meaning, and delight of following their map once it has been created. 

My own launch maps have meant so much to me over the past 5 years, guiding me to welcome ideal clients and expand into financial freedom ... while being the catalyst for my own healing, liberation, transformation, and spiritual awakening. Now I am eager to see what the launch maps of these inspired participants will guide them to experience.

Our inaugural class is assembled, and my heart is full to bursting with the delight I experience in anticipating our collective creations. I want to share my joy with you, in the video below, as I take you through the fundamental process at the core of Joy of Launching, and invite you afterward to engage in an Inner-Guided journaling session to help you find where you might to experience more ease, graciousness, exhilaration, and just plain old fun(!) with your next launch.

After watching the video, journal in response to these questions. Let your responses inspire your shift from hating to loving your marketing launches so that you can step into your next level of leadership. 

Journaling Questions to Inspire Your Shift from Hating to Loving Marketing (after watching the video).

  • Rather than focusing on the goals your ego set to prove its worth, tune into your heart and ask what its true desires are for your business and your next launch. 

  • Take a look at your approach to attracting clients and receiving money in your business. How are you driven by Fear? How could you be more Vision-Inspired instead? 

  • What 'Shoulds' have been governing the launch of your programs, products, and services? And how could you give your Soul more permission to express itself fully through your marketing? 

  • When you think about how you've approached marketing in the past, what moved you towards burnout and what nourished you?

  • Instead of running your business and marketing your services from the Outside in--focused on external validation, how can you lead your launches from the Inside Out--focused on inner guidance?

  • Rather than fixating on the Outcome & Income you want to bring in during your next marketing launch, how can you focus on being fully present to the journey of bringing those desires into reality, step by step. How can you start ENJOYING the journey of Becoming your next level with each marketing launch?

If this video and journaling time opened you to a new way of launching that you'd like to experience, I invite you to join me in a free visioning session to explore how I might support you in transforming from dread and stress to the Joy of Launching.

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